*RECAP* Represent Running Across The Bay #415k... From The 617!

That's right my friends I completed the 415 (San Francisco area code) race in the 617 (Boston area code). Isn't it kickass that Represent Running offers a remote runner option? 

I miss living in the Bay area (lived there while working for the Giants in 2007) so this is a way for me to stay connected.

Represent Running mailed out my shirt, bib and medal. While it didn't come in time for me to do the race virtually on race day (I like to race with my bib and have my medal in hand) I was able to complete the 5k on my time.

So when did I do it? During a 5k fun run with my friends that ended at a brewery. Good planning, right? :) I thought so. Since this was a fun run, it was all about enjoying the company rather than pace.

We opted to run an out-and-back course on the bike path right near Night Shift Brewery.

I made sure to fasten up my bib, pull up my PRO compression socks, fix my big girl Sparkle Athletic skirt and hit the pavement.


I was excited to run alongside Kelly and Jill so I let Kelly set the pace and I went along for the ride. Kelly is one of the most consistent runners I know so I expected our paces to be pretty even (something I am not that skilled at).


Just like that we were into a rhythm with both running and conversation.

While the some of the group took off in the 8 min/mile pace, I knew we would be able to see them after they turned around.

We made our way down the path, enjoying the beautiful summer evening and discussing upcoming races on our calendar. Yes even with virtual races I am always talking about the next race I am planning on doing. Just in case anyone I am with wants to sign up. :)

Mile 1: 11:12


The path was pretty quiet and really only had our group on it outside of a couple of commuting bikers. It was quiet and you could really take in the sounds of summer.

I did love seeing our fellow crew members as they headed back to the brewery. You know I rocked a high-five with each of them. 

It's like the path was designed for a 5k route since we hit the turnaround spot at exactly 1.5 miles. Thanks city of Malden. :P


Now it was time to head back to the beer! If that isn't motivation, I don't know what is. :P

Mile 2: 11:13


We even covered 2 cities on this run: Malden and Everett. 

For me, time with friends running will always win out over a PR. Being able to catch up with people that love being healthy (and splurging with beer) as much as I do is special. Plus with how busy everyone is sometimes race/fun run time is the only chance I have to see certain folks.

We were approaching the final turns back to the brewery and I just had to capture how happy my heart was. Plus it isn't a race unless I get a mid-run selfie, right?


Also thanks summer training for helping my freckles pop... but I digress.

Mile 3: 11:24

We took the final right turn and headed straight back to the brewery. 

617 DIVISION PLACE: 1/1 ;)


Just like on an in-person race there were smiles, high-fives, hugs and a bee-line to the beer.


I can't thank this group of people enough for changing my life for the better. Every time we get together I leave inspired, smiling and ready for our next run together.


Oh and of course I needed a photoshoot with the bling. How sweet is that? I am not 2/3 of the way through the Run The Bay Challenge. If you complete all 3 your bling fits together to form MEGA bling!

If you missed out on the #415k, you have one more opportunity!! Sign up for the East Bay #510k which takes place in September! You can run it in person or virtually (like me!!!) 

Use code REPRESENTDH for 10% off! Register HERE!


Note: As a Represent Running Ambassador, I got a complimentary entry into the race, but my reviews are always honest. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!