Best Way To Cap Off A 15-Miler? Gone For A Run's #RunForWine 5k Of Course

On Saturday, I had a 15-mile training run on the plan for the Chicago marathon... and zero desire to run. It was one of those days you know?

My friend Jill let me tag along for her 12-miler along Revere Beach, the first public beach in the US! But I would need some extra motivation to knock out the final 3 on my own... 


Enter: Gone For A Run's Run 5k Wine Later Virtual 5k!

After bidding Jill adieu I headed home to get my race bib (#334) and medal. I need the bib on or the race doesn't count, right? Thankfully Gone For A Run does a great job of sending out the race swag well in advance of when you want to run/walk it.

I have a nice 5k loop right by my house that I use for most of my virtual races. It even has a start line!

FullSizeRender (12).jpg

I gave myself a countdown - 3... 2... 1... GO!!!

I was off and immediately had a killer lead over the 0 other runners participating in this virtual race. :P

I hadn't pushed the pace for a few weeks so I wanted to see what these tired legs could do. I was ready to get into a groove when my first photo stop appeared. I mean how could I pass this up?


Not sure what he is, but I wanted to take him home with me. After a quick photo break, it was back to work.


Since I've run this course countless times, I know exactly where the mile 1 marker is. :) I looked down and was shocked to see a sub-8 min pace on the watch. Barely, but it was under!


Mile 1: 7:57

While I don't normally listen to anything while I run, I've been using recent runs to catch up on podcasts. For this run I was listening to my fellow Fat To Finish Line friend Nora on 300 Pounds And Running. It definitely made me feel like I was running with friends and catching up on life. :) Be sure to check it out if you can.

Usually the second mile of this run is automatically faster than the first since there is a nice little decline along the river. There were a good number of families out on the path walking and riding bikes so I was pretending they were all here cheering me on. I made sure to wave and smile - even though in reality they weren't paying any attention to me. Haha.


Mile 2: 7:55

By now the miles were adding up, but I was determined to finish this run on negative splits. I dug deep to give everything I had in the final mile. 


And coming up on a this gaggle of geese definitely made me turn up the speed. I quietly walked through the group and once past, I hightailed it out of there. I am NOT a fan of these geese.


I opted to end my run at Assembly Row, but what I didn't remember was Riverfest was happening. So I spent the last mile bobbing and weaving through people, kids and dogs. Nothing like a little cross training and sprints in the final mile of the long run. Am I right?


Mile 3: 7:51

YYAASS!! Negative splits success.


FINAL TIME: 24:27 (7:53 min/mile pace)


Well I had to put the medal to use right away so I stopped by Trader Joe's on my walk home and picked up a little something...

Overall the #RunForWine 5k definitely helped me push the pace on my training run and remind me that I can do some impressive stuff on tired legs. It gave me the boost I needed for the upcoming Chicago Marathon. I will be running that race for fun, but I was worrying about being ready since most of my training was focused on the Half Ironman and not the marathon. This let me know I will make it through 26.2 miles full of fun and smiles. :) 


Thanks Gone For A Run for another fun medal and virtual race. Can't wait for the next one: Live Love Run Virtual 4-miler. Use code DANI for 10% off.



Disclaimer: I did receive comped entry to the race for being a part of the Gone For A Run Virtual Run Team, but all thoughts are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!