Updating My Inspiration Corner... AKA My Peloton Space

I have been vocal about how working out has really impacted (in a positive way) my #ExPatLife journey so far. For those wondering what I’m talking about. I left the US 10 months ago today with my family in tow to move from Boston to Amsterdam. I will actually write more on that tomorrow, but it has been a tough transition process to date!

Stress has been my middle name for the past year-plus and while I did start going to therapy, working out has always been a major way to relieve stress.

We bought the Peloton on Black Friday and I haven’t regretted the purchase for one moment.

Please note: this is not at all a paid ad. This is literally just me talking about how much this bike/community has impacted me!

Back in May I hit my 100th ride and joined the Century Club, which you can read all about here. That post also shares more about how we moved the bike to Europe and what went into us making the big investment.


Since May my time on the bike and taking advantage of the beyond the ride (now known as floor workouts) decreased. I let work take over and my happiness/time on the bike took a backseat. But since it is right in my livingroom and I follow the groups on Facebook, it was always in my mind.

In October, my BFF and I spent 48 hours in London while she was in town for work and our first spot to visit… was the pop-up Peloton shop!

Peloton is invading the UK finally and while they only have pop-up stores now to allow folks to try out the bike… they told me they might be opening up an actual studio in 2019! Fingers Crossed

After that trip I knew I needed to make the bike and the workouts off the bike a priority. Since getting the bike Peloton has seriously stepped up their offerings (all for my $40 a month subscription, which covers both the wife and I). Check out all these different workout options.


it is now, as I said, my mission to refocus on me and the importance of self-care, which for me includes time with the Peloton.

So I have joined a special Facebook accountability group with other members of the Peloton community who have already helped me get back on to the bike for the past 4 days!

And then I thought it was time to add some extra flare to the Peloton area… AKA Inspiration Corner!


Oohhh SNAP - can you see that?? Just 34 rides away from #200!!! Yes I am a TAD obsessed with badges and need to up my game! Peloton now have them for Running, Walking and Bootcamp workouts — I have 0!!!

I am hoping that my cozy corner of the living room gets a TON of use this winter as we have limited travel (personal or business) planned and I am hoping to focus on self-care!!

Buckle up and get excited to follow the ride…

Do you have a special workout, piece of equipment or workout tribe that keeps you inspired and pushing your comfort zone?