#SaturdaySkinny: The Forward Progress I've Been Waiting For

I confess it has been 2 weeks since my last Weight Watchers meeting. Well I had a damn good excuse... we were in Liverpool!


We had a freakin' blast. I ran the 5k, half marathon (21.1k) and the 1-miler. I surprised myself by putting up some paces I didn't expect, but happily took as my own. ;) 

I have been working hard to uncover the me that I miss from 2015. The move and the new job have taken a toll on my self-confidence and self-love. Both have fallen to the bottom of the priority list, which is the absolute worst thing I can do. I am putting every single person at work before myself and my family. 

Recently I have been putting an emphasis back on the things that make me happy. Walking with the pups, getting in a workout on the Peloton and just being with my wife. Since I have limited free time I like spending it the way I just listed. Work still creeps in as my wife has dubbed me a workaholic, but there is too much to get done not to be... unfortunately.


But getting my habits back in check has made a HUGE difference. I have gotten back to focusing on water and it is reminding me how often I was confusing hunger with thirst. Now tracking has not been as tight as I would like, but I can keep working to improve it. I've also tried to keep booze to just the weekends now, which when you weigh-in on a Saturday is limited to 2 days. 

Next thing to work on? SLEEP!! I have been having so many work dreams that my REM sleep is all fucked up. Ha. Does anyone else have whatever they do during the day seep into their dreams and most of the time ruin them? No? Just me. Cool cool cool. :P 


Well we woke up Saturday morning and I snuck in a 20-min ride on the Peloton before we headed to WW. It was nice to be back into the routine of WW with the wife. I wasn't really expecting much. I was feeling good, but I knew we both indulged while in Liverpool.

Before I stepped on the scale I gave myself my 3 positives: 

1) Hit my water goal everyday
2) Upped my step goal for the week and hit it every day
3) Did not order pizza on Thursday in an attempt to emotionally eat, but instead cooked in

I then stepped on the scale and... down 2.8 lbs! Now that is over 2 weeks, but I will freakin' take it.


Total Lost: 61.8 (44.2 with WW)
Current weight: 173.2
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

I am now 18.2 lbs from goal. It feels really good to be heading in the right direction and to see overall I am making progress since moving to Amsterdam in January.


Proud of myself for bouncing back from a tough April that featured a lot of travel. Now June will have just as much travel as April so I am being realistic in my goals. I will be away next 2 Saturdays to travel to and from Boston, but going to remain tied to whats been working during that time!

Ne back at goal (155) by my birthday - September 16

I think that is realistic and obtainable for sure. If I don't hit it that will be okay! But thinking of going into the Run Disney Paris race weekend feeling good about myself and feeling comfortable in my running costumes is what I really want! :)

Now it's time to head back out for another walk with the family. I need to take advantage of this gorgeous Amsterdam weather before it turns back to rain.


Do you have a #weightloss goal right now? Share away! I am here to be your cheerleader.