Thanksgiving Day Cheat Sheet & Tips

With six days to go before Thanksgiving and with an influx of interest from social media, I am going to share the Weight Watchers Turkey Day Cheat Sheet that I have been handing out to my meetings over the past several days. I also added a few Hanukkah items on there as well at the bottom. Obviously it doesn’t have every candy available on there, but I think I covered the most popular items.


Feel free to click on the above list and print out your own copy

*Points values taken from WW eTools.


Here are some of the tips to navigate the dreaded the HoliDAY that my members came up with this week:

My #1 recommendation is to wear clothes that fit!! That's right friends - keep the sweatpants at home. I don't want to see anyone pulling a Joey from Friends and borrowing maternity pants from a friend for the day. ;)


*Ask yourself before each food or beverage choice: "Is it worth it?"

*Start the day right by eating a healthy breakfast.

*Use recipe builder to figure out Points values of homemade dishes!

*Eat something BEFORE you head to the event itself. Does it ever work out well when we try to "hoard" our Points until the event begins? Has showing up to an event ravenous ever ended well?

*Bring a "safe" dish, which will help set your space up for success.

*Get moving and earn those Activity Points - bank some before, earn some during and do damage control after the day!! Go for a walk or do a Turkey Trot the day of with friends and/or family.

*Allocate your 49 weekly points for those "must-have" holiday favorites.

*Keep the Weight Watchers Portion Estimator Quick Guide handy!! View it here!

*Do a drive-by of the food before filling your plate so you can devise a game plan.

*Load up half your plate with fruits/veggies.

  • When wanting blueberry pie, load up a bowl with fresh blueberries and a tiny piece/bite of the actual blueberry pie.

*Leftovers. If you are hosting, load up on tupperware containers and send the food home with your guests. If you are a guest, politely decline the leftovers or take the healthier items home.

*Drink lots of water. If you need to make it more appealing, you can:

  • Put it in a wine glass or a pint glass.
  • Add a strawberry, mint leaf or a lime as a garnish.


  • Experiment with pre-tracking. Many holidays have many dishes you can expect to encounter so pre-tracking may help with temptations.
  • Use the mobile app. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom if you want to try to Track in privacy. ;)
  • If you are unable to use your phone, snag a paper tracker from your meeting or use any scrap of paper to jot down the food as you go.
  • Utilize the Snap&Track feature on your mobile app. So many people take pictures of their food and Instagram it anyway - you won't look out of place. :)

---If tracking seems overwhelming on Thanksgiving or just not something you will do, pick it up on Friday - make it mandatory on that day to get back on track!

*2 fun mantras that came out of some meetings:

  • "Nobody ever died because they didn't have a dinner roll."
  • "Did they really bring over mashed potatoes on the Mayflower? No? Then you can probably have those next week."

And last but certainly not least - remember the Weight Watchers BLTs!! For every Bite ... Lick ... or Taste, mark down 1 pt. Would having to do that stop some of the mindless snacking or unnecessary tasting while cooking?


If the day gets away from you then start fresh on Friday!! Each day is a new beginning.

Have a Happy Thanksgving! And remember:

"It's called THANKSgiving not EATgiving" - Melanie, WW Leader