Temptations SUCK! Last week I was traveling and had a horrible WW week. I didn't track. Drank what I wanted. Ate what I wanted. (But I did work out every day for at least 30 minutes) but I came home feeling awful. My body missed my daily fruits and veggies. It didn't know how to process daily doses of peanut M&Ms, pita chips or pizza.

So when I got home I didn't weigh-in and decided I would take this week back! I decided I would take part in the #7daychip challenge. I decided for on week I would not touch a single weekly or activity Weight Watchers point AND I would complete all 6 healthy checks everyday (min 6 8 oz glasses of water, 2 tsp of healthy oils, 5 servings of fruits/veggies, a vitamin, 2 servings of milk/milk product and 30 min activity).

I wanted to do this for 2 reasons: 1) prove to myself I could and 2) help my body recover from the previous week. :)

Well, I can say I made it to Day 7 (today)! But it hasn't been easy. This week has been particularly stressful at work: long hours and not a lot of sleep. And to top it all off, there has been free pizza the last two days. It was just sitting there looking all delicious and fattening.

I just thought to myself this is NOT fair. Why can't I be skinny and not have to worry about what I eat? It's not fair. Then I thought, what if I didn't care what I weighed/how I looked? Then I could eat all the pizza I wanted.

BUT, I didn't cave! I was sooooo proud of myself. I just sat there and put it in perspective. I didn't need that pizza. My salad was better for me AND more filling. My yogurt and apple were a healthier option. I kept my eye on the prize: good weigh-in tomorrow, hitting my goal weight this year and looking hot on my honeymoon in Hawaii in November. That, and some friends words of wisdom, got me through it.

This whole experience made me realize that this is, and always will be, a continuous journey. There will always be temptations (unless I become a hermit), but I just need to take them one at a time. Sometimes I will cave, but I will always get back on track!!

Anyone have any other devices they use when facing temptations besides visualizing and rationalizing?

*I will be sure to let you all know how the weigh-in goes tomorrow morning...