Weigh-In Tuesday

Now I sort of wish my weigh-in day was Wednesday just for the shear alliteration of this title? Maybe Truth Tuesday? I dunno. All I know is I weighed in today for the first time in 2 weeks and was 0.6 lbs lighter. I wanted more. I had worked for more. But I am happy with a loss. I know that last week I was baaaaad on the road so at least this week of being on point canceled that out. This brings my grand total loss to <<drum roll>> 43.8 lbs! :) Can’t be mad at that. I have 9.6 lbs to go to my original goal weight and about 18.6 ‘til the one the doctor made for me when I had my back surgery. :P

I love Weight Watchers. I think everyone that knows me knows how true this is. I talk about the program and how much it has helped me alllllll the time. I just absolutely love how you can have normal food (in moderation). You aren’t feeling like a prisoner who can only choose between Breakfast A or B, etc. You can go out and live your life. I can have a glass (or two) of wine and that is A-ok! It is a program for real people, who want to make a real change in their lifestyle.

With the help of healthy checks, I have improved my eating habits 10 fold. I have waaay more fruits and veggies. I now know what healthy oils are (definitely had to look that one up)!

In addition to the support, accountability and healthy food goals, Weight Watchers can come to your work. THIS will make my summer totally different than last year. Last year, I missed almost every meeting from February to May because of work (ended up gaining back about 7-8 lbs during that time). After talking to a couple friends, I found out that if you have at least 15 people Weight Watchers will bring the meeting to you. AMAZING! With absolutely no personal drive to this at all: I asked if we could do this … and we are. It has already proved to help dividends. The meeting is now during the day and a mere 2 minute walk from my office.

Another awesome note, I have known our leader for awhile. She was one of the ladies that weighed me in at my normal Tuesday night meeting. Bonus! She also brings product to the meeting so when I need more WW Chocolate Pretzel Blast Bars, she is there for me.

Besides being a big help to me, how convenient :), it is also paying off for my coworkers. It also expands my support system and gives me more people to cheer on! J

Did anyone else weigh-in today? I wanna pass on some cyber Bravos!