What's In A Name

One of the first things I mulled over before starting this blog was the name. I follow so many and they have catchy names that I love that I didn't want to disappoint! It is probably pretty obvious how this one came about, but I figured I would elaborate any way.

I knew I wanted to use this as a space for me to discuss my ongoing weight loss, but I knew I had to be open to it evolving into something more. I am hoping to use this as a safe space to really let go of things that are on my mind. I don't want to keep things bottled up any longer. It isn't a fun way to live. I want to get back to really living and not dwell on things for longer than needed. I don't like carrying the emotional load on my shoulders anymore. This is a place for me to air it ... and move on.

So I shall use this blog to get both physical and emotional weight off of my shoulders!