Who would've guessed that my post today would been on running? :P Today's run felt AMAZING! I can't believe that after my back surgery I could've gotten back to my old running form. I felt alive. There is just something about being out on the street (or treadmill), shutting out the rest of the world and just being in the run.

This race may now be on of my favorite runs! We got to run through the zoo. One second you passed a camel, the next a zebra then a polar bear. It was awesome. I still think my favorite run is the Hot Chocolate 5k in November in Chicago (I've already signed up for this year's back in January). At the end you get a tiny vat of chocolate fondue and 5 delicious treats to dip in it (pretzel rod, marshmallow, apple slice and pound cake). Can you figure out how that race was my previous personal record? :)

Growing up I never liked running. I mean I was a catcher in softball because I could avoid running. But something changed in 2005 and I gave running a shot - mainly cause I heard you would lose weight faster. :) I started and quickly got addicted. I started in January '05 and did my first 5k in March '05. Knocked out my first half marathon in February '06 and my first (and only) marathon in September '06.

Once I hurt my back, running was forbidden. That hurt. Going to the gym and watching other people run was torture. But, thankfully in May I was finally cleared to start it back up. It feels great to have it as an option again.

My goal now is to train for the Chicago Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon on August 14th. I am really hoping my back and leg are on board :) I did a 4-mile run last Tuesday and really hope to nail down 5 miles this Tuesday before attempting 6 miles with the wife on Sunday. *Keeping my fingers crossed*

So if you say to yourself, "I can never be a runner," you definitely can! I am proof.

Have you given running a shot?