I am a bad guesser when it comes to measuring portions for Weight Watchers. Yes, I know that is probably why we are all on the program :P but I am really really bad. So recently I have become obsessed with my tools of the trade.

I have been known to carry with me in my pocketbook my measuring cup, my tablespoon and my travel scale. They have come in soooo handy!

Last night, my wife and I went out for sushi. I mapped out my day and didn't want to go over so I went prepared. First off, the place was BYOB so I was able to bring my own wine and pour out exactly 5 ounces (the allotment I had given myself). I then knew that 2 tbsp of soy sauce was 0 pts so I set that out ahead of time (even though I used 1 tbsp at most). Finally, I knew I could have one cup of edamame so I took out my 1 cup measuring cup and immediately took out that much for me and let my wife have the rest.

I felt completely satisfied and more importantly wicked proud of myself for staying on program. I went in with a game plan and didn't vary from it. :)

I think my wife buying us a food scale for home and a travel one for me has been life changing. I use it everyday at work to make sure I use the correct amount of chicken in my salad. I may go a tad extreme, I even measure out my chips at home. ;) I would much rather go with the serving size 28 g rather than about 20 chips.

Do you all use any tricks to gauge portions? Please pass on any secrets you may have...