Weigh-In Tuesday & Non-Scale Celebrations

Maybe I should call this Truth Tuesday? I don’t really know why I am so stuck on the alliteration aspect :P Any way… 

I had already chosen my blog topic before weighing-in today because I thought I was going to have a bad weigh-in. Well …

I didn’t :) I lose 1.2 lbs for a grand weight loss total of …. 45 lbs!! YAY!

I seriously was not sure when this number would finally appear. I feel like I have been stuck around 40 for quite some time. At least now, I am half way to 50! 50. Wow, I might actually cry when I hit that mark.

So I was thinking this week about how much emphasis I put on the number on the scale. Like if I think it should be a good number and it isn’t, my whole demeanor changes. My mood worsens and I am generally unhappy the rest of the week. I know that since it is a weight loss journey I would put a lot of pressure on what the scale says. But the longer I am on this journey, the more the priority changes. I want to really start celebrating the non-scale victories.

Future Fit Girl had a similar post last week.

So this week I have 3 non-scale celebrations:

1) I set a personal record for my Run For The Zoo 5k on Sunday, finishing in 29:20 I even got this fun 5k Weight Watchers charm in my meeting today.

2) I went to Lululemon Athletica on Saturday and actually FIT into their clothes. Woo! That felt amazing!! I have wanted some of their workout attire for ages.

3) Today marks 6 months since I had my last Diet Coke/soda. It was definitely harder at first, but water is proving to be a fine replacement. EXCEPT, when I am somewhere without a Dunkin Donuts – then it is definitely still tough!

So folks, what do you have to celebrate today??