I want to thank everyone who gave me some running suggestions this week. I will be sure to incorporate them in the upcoming weeks. This morning I set my alarm for 4:45am and was at the lake by 5:15 to get my run on. I started at 5:25am and that made a HUGE difference. It was nice and cool. There was a slight breeze. The lakefront trail was not as busy as it was on Monday. In a word: perfect.

The entire run I felt great. I didn’t feel dehydrated or rundown at all. So there is definitely a huge benefit to running in the morning.

I was able to complete my first 10-mile run since 2006 in 1:45.56, which translates to 10:35 min/mile. I will DEFINITELY take that. I was super impressed with myself.

I only had to stop for water once and didn’t feel any pangs of hunger. But I know I will have to load up with jellies or gu and the little water bottle belt before the actual race since it begins at 8am.

I am aiming to finish the Half in under 2:30. I will be happy with that. Heck, I will be happy with anything. I mean, I had back surgery not six months ago and I was able to run 10 miles today. I can do anything. :P

The entire run I kept thinking to myself, “Wow! You are definitely stronger than you give yourself credit for.” I could’ve easily snoozed the alarm or come up with some excuse not to run. But, I didn’t. I happily put my running clothes and my sneakers on and hit the trail.

I will say the downer was getting hit on by some short guy on the way to theLake. I mean, really folks. What guy is going to hit on a girl at 5am? Also, can you get the hint when I said “my wife” about 15 times? Lordie. :P

I will leave you with the view I had while stretching this morning…