Shopping Trip

I hate shopping. Always have and most likely always will. I am not just talking clothes shopping. I can include grocery shopping, shoe shopping, etc etc. But my good friend Lindsey kept telling me I had to finally buckle down and buy some new clothes that fit. She planned a trip out fromBostonfor June 24-26 and told me shopping at her favorite store (Ann Taylor Loft) would be involved. I was dreading it, but knew it had to be done. So on June 25 after a kick ass Proud To Run 5k, I finally agreed that we could go shopping. Dread dread dread. Now a little background, Linds and I have been friends since 2001. Technically even longer since we danced together when wee little nuggets, but I digress. Linds has seen me go through it all. The weight gain, the weight loss, the weight gain, the eating disorders, the depression. You name it she saw me go through it. So it was extremely meaningful that she be there to help me do my first real “smaller size” shopping trip. (Also note, Linds has been doing Weight Watchers since 2001 as well. She is a great success story and an inspiration to me.)

So we walked into the store and her little eyes lit up like it was Christmas and she was off. I slunk behind her like the husband who was being dragged shopping instead of being allowed to sit home and watch the game.

I let her pick out the items, but I grabbed the sizes. The biggest ones they had in the store since obviously those would be the only ones that might fit. Right? So I walk into the changing room with my XL shirt and size 14 pants. All while Linds is saying, “those are going to be too big.” I wouldn’t hear it.

Damn! She was right. Okay okay. Let’s try the L shirt and size 12 pants. Those will fit then since maybe the sizes run big. It happens, right? All while Linds is still saying, “those are going to be too big.” I still wouldn’t hear it.

Damn again! She was right … and gloating! So then she brings me the M shirt and size 10 pants. I am thinking there is NO way in HELL those are fitting. I haven’t worn size 10 since probably middle school. But, they did! Wha? I. Was. In. Shock!

Here I am modeling the outfit!


I told this story to my leader, Lisa, and she said after all her time, she will still go into a store and pick out the largest sizes they have and try them on and realize, “Nope! Too big.”

But what a feeling. It was awesome. I am currently wearing the outfit at work and feeling great. I don’t feel like people are looking at me and saying, “That girl shoulda bought a smaller size.” Nope. These fit juuuust right!


Now to tackle that whole bathing suit issue…