Half Marathon Training

So I have been working on my half marathon training (Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, August 14) and yesterday was an 8-mile run. Overall I felt great! The back held up. The foot held up. The knees held up.

The first four miles felt amazing and went by quickly (roughly less than 40 minutes), but then the second half hit. It was tough. It was 82 degrees. All sun – no shade. And I was water and snack less.

I made sure to stop at every water station during the second half and slowed my pace down because the last thing I wanted to do was walk at any point.

But folks, how do you keep yourself from feeling run down or letting the heat get you down? I am thinking about purchasing some jellies or gel to bring with me on my next run. Do you recommend any good brands?

Do you use one of those water belts?

Let me know what you all think? I will be heading out for an attempt at a 10-miler on Friday morning. I am going to head out around 5am to try to beat the heat!