Weight Watchers Hardware

So as we all know by now I finally hit the 50-lb weight loss mark! Woo! I still cannot believe it. Everytime I think about it, I just smile. I have actually done it. Now I look to the next goal ... Goal! :) 2.4 lbs and I will hit the goal I set for myself waaay back on November 2, 2009. Craaazy feeling. I still plan to try to lose around 9 lbs after that, but I want to still keep 164 lbs as my goal. So last night, I went to my old WW meeting to collect my 50 lb hardware.


It is sooo pretty and shiny! :) I felt great accepting it. I still can't believe I have it. It was such a looong weight between the 25 lb charm and the 50 lb charm.

One big thing I like about Weight Watchers besides the meetings, support, clapping and Bravos would be the hardware...

These are the charms I keep with me on a daily basis. The 5k is pretty obvious. I actually don't think they give the hands one out anymore. I got that after 16 weeks on the program. It is supposed to give you praise for sticking with the program that long since most people give up before the 4-month mark. The two discs are obvious (25 on left and 50 on right). Then I keep them all on my 10% keyring.

These are constant little reminders that help to keep me on track. I just have to look at them to know how far I have come!