Truth Tuesday

I finally made it to a meeting. I lost 0.2 lbs... Starting Weight: 217.4

Today's Weight: 166.2

Total Lost: 51.2

Pounds From Goal: 2.2

I was beyond thrilled to see a loss. Even a miniscule loss like 0.2 lbs made my day. I had such a horrendous time in AZ – eating wise – that I have been working everyday to make up for it. I am on Day Nine of my #7daychip. For this #7daychip, I did not allow myself to use any of my weekly or activity points … and I am did it! It really feels good when I complete a challenge. Obviously, Weight Watchers puts the points there for us to use, but there are times where I want to show myself that I don’t need them. I can live my life and feel satisfied without them. As I type that, I realize that for the next week I will definitely be using them as I actually have plans out of the house Wednesday-Saturday. A rarity for me :P

I also just feel really healthy overall. I have taken hitting the 5 food-related healthy checks wicked seriously. (I listen to my body on the activity so I don’t hit that everyday). My body is appreciating it for sure. I was having some stomach issues concerning the dairy, but since switching to soy milk – everything is a-okay. :)

This morning I used my wife’s new fancy scale from Runkeeper for the first time. It is seriously cool. It has wifi and sinks up to an account without you needing to input any info. I mean it can tell the difference between her standing on the scale and me. The reason I got her the scale is 1) because she loves gadgets, but 2) because we always wondered how our body fat % measured up to where it should be. I found out this morning my BMI is 25 (healthy range starts at 24.9) and my body fat % is 34.7 (healthy range for a woman my age starts at 33). So I am really close to being in the healthy range on both of those accounts for the first time in my adult life. That is a pretty cool thing to realize. I know many people don’t put a lot into BMI, and I don’t either. I have just used it as yet another measuring stick in my weight loss journey. Plus, I wanted to prove to myself that I could get into the healthy range.

I am someone whose mood definitely reflects what happens on the scale. If I gain, I am down for the rest of the day (if not longer). But, if I lose, I am happy go lucky and ready to tackle anything. J But, I don’t always want to live and die by the number on the scale. I have been reading a lot of blog posts by ex-Biggest Loser contestants who have almost all said they stopped weighing themselves after their finale. Will I ever make it to that point? Where I can trust myself to just live “by how I feel – not by a number?” I would like to, but at this point. It is keeping me motivated. Maybe once I hit lifetimes and only need to weigh in once a month, I can change. But for now, the scale and I are friends … or enemies … frenemies?

How did everyone else do on their Tuesday weigh-in? I love giving out some virtual Bravos!! :)