Half Marathon Training Update

I cannot believe the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon is just 20 days away! Seriously, where has the time gone? Well, today I tackled an 11-mile run … and I use tackle literally. It was a battle. My back hurt, my foot hurt, I felt fatigued. I hated my music. It was rough. I wanted to stop and walk many times, but I didn’t. I kept saying to myself “Finish What You Start.” And I kept going…

I started at about 5:30am this morning to try and beat some of the heat. I wanted to finish in 2 hours or less, but failed L I came in at 2:02.19 (11:06 min/mile). I think I can blame some time on my water stops along the way, but either way I didn’t hit my goal. But, that is okay. I am really proud of myself for finishing the 11 miles just three days shy of the 6-month mark from back surgery. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I didn’t have a belt for water or any Gu/gummies. I was supposed to go purchase both this weekend, but my back was acting up. So after work each day, I hit the couch to rest. But, after today. I will be sure to get those supplies before August 1’s 12-mile run!

I was actually so dizzy/weak on the walk home I had to stop and sit along the sidewalk for a couple minutes. Three different people stopped to ask if I was okay, which I thought was so nice … and rare in this society!


An additional note on my run, I saw a dead body. Yes, you read that correctly. I ran within like 3 feet of a dead body along the Chicago Lakeshore.


When I ran by at 5:45 there were 2 bodies and they both just looked asleep. I mean homeless people sleep there all the time. Then I wondered as I ran if maybe they were dead. I mean you never know. Then I came back around 7 miles later and bam 7 cop cars and only one body there – covered with a sheet.

He just looked like he was sleeping so I wasn’t bothered by it. A chick near me was a tad more shaken up – she called her mom about it. I was like dude, not like you knew him. (Can you tell I am a heartless city girl? :P) Also, no way I was telling my parents about it. They would not want me running there anymore … and I love that route! :))


I owe a big thanks to the wife for having a legit stein of water waiting for me when I got home. Here is how the run affected me to be: