Half Marathon Training Update

Since I am out of town, there is no Truth Tuesday today so I have filled it in with a Half Marathon update instead :) I am back in my old stopping grounds of San Francisco for work and wanted to head to my favorite spot in the city - Dolores Park. But it is kind of a process to get there on the train, etc from our hotel so I decided I would run there instead. I Google mapped the course and it was about 2.3 miles from the hotel so 4.6 miles round trip - I was in!

The weather in San Francisco has been nice and cool (think overcast/foggy and 60s) - perfect running conditions. It made me think of a nice Fall morning in Boston. I basically ran straight down the main street in SF - Market St. But, with my luck, I hit every red light. Most of the run there was a complete stop and go. Also, since I was running in the city, my Runkeeper GPS stopped working about 5 minutes into the run. Thankfully, I just keeped using it for the timer and music (like during the Rock 'n Roll Half).

I got to Dolores in about 22-23 minutes and made sure to pause the Runkeeper and just take it all in. The park is one of my favorite views of SF and just overall great place to sit and reflect. I really needed that after the last few weeks. It was great. I chilled there for about 15 minutes before I headed out to complete the run and get back to the hotel. The run back was much better than the run there. I had better luck at the stop lights and just overall felt great. I took in my surroundings and just enjoyed my feet hitting the pavement. I lost myself in the run and it was amazing.

So I ran about 4.6 miles in 45 minutes. Pretty normal pace for me, but it is just so much better to run outside than on a treadmill. I can't wait to take my Half Marathon training into the Fall :)

Well, I should share with you my happy place and the reason I did this run in the first place: