Running For A Cause...

So I had so much fun with the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, I decided to sign up for another. *Note: This is smarter than the last time I ran a Half Marathon. After I ran that one, I signed up for a Full Marathon. Idiot. :P

My goal to keep my back healthy is to do one race a month and since I already signed up for runs in September, October, November and December – that left January. Thanks to my tweeps, I found out there was a Half Marathon in Chicago on January 28, 2012 (F^3 Lake Half Marathon). I immediately signed up.

Now, this run will be more special than the last as I have decided to raise money for the Ryan and Jenny Dempster Foundation. Ryan Dempster is a great guy who plays for the Cubs so I know him well and want to help out as best I can. Their Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the DiGeorge Syndrome (also known as 22q) and reaching out to families with children with DiGeorge Syndrome.

Click here to find out more information about their cause:

I am hoping to raise at least $1,000 for the fight and would love any help. You can pledge by clicking on my page:

Please pass this on to friends and family as well!!


Does anyone have any good fundraising tips? I want to put 100% effort into raising as much money and awareness of this cause!