Truth Tuesday

You know it is that time. I really feared the scale today after the move. Not because I went food crazy, but because I decided to donate my scale and just share the one I got the wife for her birthday. So today, I weighed in … down 0.2 lbs. Not the best weigh-in, but anything is better than a gain ;) Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 168.2

Total Lost: 49.2

Pounds From Goal: 4.2


I usually put my clothes out the night before since I get home from work so late and up for the gym so early. I laid out what I figured out to be my “Tuesday attire” … or “Weigh-In Wear.” Then I wondered: Does everyone have weigh-in wear? A specific outfit that you wear every single week you weigh-in?

I definitely do.

Granted the clothing choice has changed, but the consistency with what I wear has remained. When I first got the WW, I made sure to wear the same outfit I wore on Day One. I wanted to make sure that the number was truly accurate on the scale. So everything had to be the same. I would go to the meeting, hit the bathroom, take off all my jewelry, empty my pockets and then hit the scale (that pattern rings true to this day). At that point, I wore the same dress shirt and black pants every Monday. It worked because I would go to work that day and it was totally business casual. But as the pants got bigger, I got worried. I freaked out that the scale would freak out if I changed (dramatic I know). So all I did was go and buy a smaller pair of pants, but I kept wearing the same shirt.

Finally, I changed to a Tuesday night meeting. Since I was smaller, I decided it was finally time to switch up the “Weigh-In Wear” so I went with a tank top and capri yoga pants. I didn’t want to wear it outside/it was winter so I would bring it to work in my bag and change at the WW center. That attire worked until I started attending WW at work…

Once WW at work started, I went back to shirt and black pants. But, then I thought one day, I wonder if there is something that is work appropriate that weighs less than the shirt/pants combo. So one morning, I got 3 outfits out and weighed myself in each. I found out that my white shirt and skirt was the lightest, adding just 0.6 lbs to my overall weight, whereas the shirt/pants or dress I tried added 1.0 lb. I know I know. I am splitting ounces here, but in my mind it made perfect sense.

So now I have my outfit. Every Tuesday you can find me at work in my white shirt/skirt … and I am A-ok to share that! :)

What do you wear to weigh-in?