Terrapin 5k - August 2011

I can't believe last night was my first 5k since June. I was really trying to hit one a month, but I guess work/training for the Half Marathon got in the way :P Anyway, I was worried for the Terrapin 5k because it has been hotter than hot here in Chicago, but thankfully we got a break. It wasn't too humid - a steady 82 degrees at race time.

Pre-Race 5k!

(Note: I changed my pre-race pose since I was getting alot of flack for the "skinny arm" pose I always use.)

I always want to improve on my time when heading out for a race, but I knew with the conditions not to expect much. So I set a goal of under 30 minutes no matter what. I found a girl in a teal tanktop and just followed her the whole run. I should hire her as my motivator since I ended up with a personal record by more than a minute!

I finished in 27:10, which works out to 8:46 min/mile. :) Woo! I could not believe that. Me, little ol me, finished in under 9 min/miles!! Wow! To put this in perspective, I finished my first-ever 5k in 2005 in 36 minutes...

According to the official results, I finished 947 overall, 85 of 349 for my age & 329 of 1608 for females. I am beyond proud of these results!!

I think the half marathon training is really paying off for the shorter runs as well. I felt awesome throughout the entire thing.

You also have to love a race that gives you a free beer at the end... :P