Truth Tuesday

Well folks. There is some truth about to be dropped :P This was the worst weigh-in of my Weight Watchers career! I gained 6.6 lbs. I know! I was SHOCKED to see it too, but then I took another look through the old Food Logs (curse you food logs) and could see the reason why! Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 172.8

Total Lost: 44.6

Pounds From Goal: 8.8

Okay so this was a reality check. Note to self: filling all your cravings in one week DOES NOT WORK. This last week I have felt bloated, sluggish, uncomfortable and overall just BLAH in my own body. That is right folks. Your body gets used to all those fruits and veggies so when you replace them with pizza and french fries - it notices.

This last week I had plans to go out every night. This is rarer than rare for me. Usually you can find me at home with the wife and pups, but for some reason we got popular for a five-six day span. :P There was also waaay more drinking happening than usual: sangria, beer, wine. You name it, I had some. That could also have played in to the big gain - Bloating! Definitely a possibility.

Here is how I had to look at it. It was a learning experience. I learned that I cannot end all cravings at one time. It is better for my mind and body, if I hit one or two cravings a week - or at least spread it out. I also figured out that I need to go back to my one glass of wine a night or stay away from the really heavy beers. That definitely had me feeling bloated. Additionally, I need to not eat late at night. Normally, I try not to eat after 8pm. Usually it isn't a problem, but Sunday night I got home late and the wife suggested going out for a drink. One thing led to another and I had finished off steak fries and half an english muffin. Say it with me: unnecessary.

There are two positives I can take from last week. 1) Honesty. I honestly wrote down everything I ate on my food longs. I may not have had the point value figured out or the exact amount I had, but I wrote it all down. 2) I didn't dodge the scale. I faced what I did and survived. I didn't melt. No one threw me out of Weight Watchers. My blog wasn't taken down. I am human (sometimes I need to remind myself of that).

So I had a bad week, but I cannot let it ruin this week. I started fresh this morning. I hit the gym (even though the snooze button was wicked tempting). I planned my food log today (hitting my DPT right on the nose: 29) and am sticking with it. I also made sure it filled all 5 of the food/liquid healthy checks.

There it is folks. You heard it here. I fell off the wagon, but I got back on. As I finish writing this, I look down at the tattoo on my right wrist and remember why I have it ... "Ancora Imparo" (It is Italian for "Still I am learning")