1/3 way through my #30daychip

As I sit here on the 11th day of September, I cannot believe I am 1/3 way through my first-ever attempt at a #30daychip. Read here about my September challenge! I am already feeling healthier. I ended August on such a downer note that I am happy September is not starting the same way! As everyone has been writing about, it is on one hand really great that summer is ending. The temptations to go out to eat, sit out and have a beer, etc start to decrease just like the temperature. I am using this time to start over ... to get back to the basics (just like last week's Weight Watchers topic).


When I started Weight Watchers back in November 2009,  I did not really adhere to the Healthy Guidelines. I knew they were there, but I was really focused on staying within my points total (this was before Points Plus by the way). But, about a year ago, I decided it was time to check out the Healthy Guidelines more seriously, especially the healthy oils. I didn't even know what healthy oils were let alone how to get them to fit within my points total for the day. I thought I could get by by taking 2 fish oil tablets per day, nope! That was me trying to take the easy way out and it was quickly shot down by my WW leader.

My WW leader then told a little story about a woman who had made lifetime and hit her healthy oils every day. She did so by saving enough points for the 2 tsps of Olive Oil and a piece of nice bread. She would dip the bread in the oil every night. It filled the Guideline and made her feel like she had a little treat at the end of the day.

This seemed like an awesome idea ... so I borrowed it ... and modified it :) I will now, on almost a daily basis, have a Healthy Life Wheat Muffin (2 pts), toast it and then drizzle 1 tsp of Olive Oil on each side. Yum yum yum!! It is delicious and gives me the little smiley face on the WW iPhone app for filling that Guideline. I highly recommend this little goody. I will either use it as part of breakfast or lunch. It is pretty filling and only costs 4 pts for the whole thing.

I also faced a new challenge in August when I realized I was lactose intolerant again and had to give up on my yogurts for awhile. So now, I fill 1/2 my milk requirement by drinking 1 cup of Silk Light Soy Milk (vanilla flavored). It is yummy and I just feel happier drinking a glass (8 oz) of milk a day, which I probably haven't done since I was little!


I really think the PlankADay program is helping my core. I already feel stronger and I am only a couple weeks in (I started this prior to September 1). I have been able to hold a plank every day this week for 75 seconds. Starting tomorrow I will up that to 80 seconds per plank. They say some people do increments of 10 seconds per week, but I don't want to push my back too much so I will stick with 5 second increments for now.

Hopefully there will be a time when I can do more than one plank a day ... I will keep working hard to get there!


What do you all have planned for September? Are you working on a #7daychip or #30daychip? Have you tried the PlankADay program yet?