Bondi band and Giveaway!


Jessie had our favorite way in which to rock a Bondi Band:

"You know how a super hero always has a cape? Well, if I had a Boni Band, it would be my version of a cape. I'd wear it when I worked out, and it would help me focus on becoming stronger and healthier. With my Bondi Band, I'd be invincible. :)"

Thanks to everyone who participated and keep your eyes out for our next giveaway... :)




Hey All!

I don't know if you all have a problem keeping your hair out of your face when you are working out, but I sure do. Damn curls! :P Well, for years I have been using the cheap headbands from Walgreens/CVS, but I find they stretch out wicked easy and don't work all that well after a couple wears. Also, they are usually just a boring color like black or brown...

So, I finally started doing some research and found Bondi Band online.

I reached out to the wonderful ladies there and they sent me one to try out. (Comments/Thoughts are my own)

I am bad at taking self photos, but you know I had to pick the one with the Shamrocks all over it. They had a ton of designs and different types of bands/hats that you can choose from.

Well, I gave it a whirl last night at Zumba and really liked it. It definitely kept my hair out of my face and didn't give me the "halo of curls" I usually have after a workout.

Here is a side shot:

So you can tell the band is pretty wide. When I first put it on it covered my ears, which I didn't like. I guess that would work well for outside activites (ie fall running), but it just bothered me while inside. Then my lovely wife suggested just tucking it behind my ears (she is so smart). That felt much more comfortable. The only problem with that was that it buldged up a little behind my ears due to the extra fabric. It bothered me while I was just sitting there, but once I was focused on Zumba, I didn't notice it at all (which is all that matters).

I am a big sweater. It is just my nature. The band was able to remain dry during the workout and I didn't feel any extra sweat in my hair due to the width of the band.

It didn't slip or slide at all during my workout, which I appreciated. I didn't have to fuss or fix it once. I hate when I need to alter any of my wardrobe, while I am in the middle of a workout.

So overall, I would give the Bondi Band an A-. I would definitely rock it again ... and I will tonight at the gym! :)


And now the fun part ... the giveaway! Bondi Band has agreed to give one lucky reader of my blog a Bondi Band of their own.

Here is how to enter:

*Please leave a comment on the blog below telling me how you would rock a Bondi Band if you won! I will take responses until 11:59am CT tomorrow and is only open to residents of the United States. Good luck!

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