I cannot dance. I was in jazz, tap and ballet when I was little, but was quickly kicked out of ballet for not being graceful enough. I stuck with tap and jazz for longer, but switched over to gymnastics around 10 or 11 (roughly). But, when I got the high school, I smartly switched to sports and never looked back. (Disclaimer: I tried out for cheerleading freshman year, but got cut very quickly). I enjoy dancing, but I am not very good at it. I am not a "clubbing" type person. I have tried and I am bad. I am better at watching than participating unless I have had a few adult beverages or I am surrounded by friends and therefore am not thinking about what other people are thinking (as much).

A lot of my friends were getting into the craze that is Zumba staring last year. I always wanted a give it a try since it seemed like a great workout without having to spend an hour on a machine. So, I finally built up the courage last year to attend a Zumba class at my gym. Wow! It was fun! I am lucky. My gym is located in the gayborhood of Chicago so we had one awesomely gay instructor, who blared JLo! :)

I liked the group because it was a good mix of women, gay men and straight men! Those three straight guys who hung out in the back left corner of the room were my favorite to watch! :) The class was fun and I tried not to look at myself in the mirror. I met a girl Steph in the class and we became friends as we both hung out in the back right corner of the room together.

I started going to Zumba every Thursday night at 8:30 until my back injury in December 2010. I had to stop all activity until May. Once I got the go ahead from my doc, he banned all exercises where I really had to move my hips, which would this twist my back. So I still couldn't go back to Zumba.

Well, last week I met with my PT again and she said I could resume all activities so I looked it up and the Zumba class was still on Thursday nights ... but with a new instructor.

I went last night. I thought about it. I had lost about 20 lbs since I was last in that room. But, for some reason. I felt more aware of my body. I couldn't believe I was going to have to look at myself for the next hour. The hour made me remember how uncoordinated I am. How I have no rhythm. How I still have wait to lose. Flab to fix. But, overall ...

I. Had. A. Blast!

The group was all women. The new instructor stuck to more International music, but the moves were familiar. It was one helluva workout ... and I can't wait 'til next week.

Also, I really hope the gramma I was next to is back ... lady can booty pop like the best of 'em!

What exercise have you done recently that took you out of your comfort zone?