Review of Lululemon Running Attire

So I actually received a tweet from Lululemon today asking me how my new running outfit worked. I decided instead of trying to tweet back to them and be limited to 140 characters that I would write up a quick review here. Here is what I wore:

I am wearing the Run Essential Jacket and Run For Your Life Crop Pants.

Let me just say I LOVED both.

I don't usually run with a jacket so I knew that would be a 50-50 chance of liking it or not. At first, I was getting hot, but then thought that would help burn more calories. ;) But, as the run went on, I didn't really notice any extra sweating and didn't realize I was really wearing the jacket - since it was so light. It then started to rain about halfway through the run and the jacket came in handy. :) It kept the rain off me, but I didn't feel like the jacket got heavy after it was wet. Which is great.

The pants were a small pain at the beginning of the run. They started riding down a little bit, but after making some adjustments during the first mile of the run - everything was fine. I enjoyed the contained feeling of the pants without feeling self-conscious that my butt was jiggling around. (always a good thing)

The women at the store told me you can use the pants in other cardio activities as well, but I think I am going to save them for running only.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these pieces to anyone looking for a new Fall running outfit!