Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center

Okay so let me start this off by saying I am incredibly honored to have been invited to the opening of the Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center this morning (now here comes the but) ... but, it wasn't the experience I thought it would be. Thankfully my wife was able to attend the event with me.

I didn't really know what to expect. I had a rough outline, but no specifics. It said there would be media and to dress business casual. So I stressed over an outfit since I don't have many that fit and decided on my cute green Ann Taylor Loft dress (thanks Linds). I didn't know if I was going to have to talk or greet people. Maybe I would meet Jennifer Hudson, but probably not!

We arrived at the center and stood in line with my current and former WW leaders, both named Lisa. We waited there until the "Success Stories" were called. We entered the center - wow it is nice and new! We were told to sit wherever there were open seats. It wasn't until I was seated that I noticed my picture and inspirational quote were on the wall (cool!). We were serenaded by the group, Soul Children Chicago. They kicked butt! They were wicked talented and a pleasure to listen to. They ended with an amazing rendition of God Bless America. Then the WW person got to the podium and kicked off the event. Once she was done, she turned it over to Jennifer Hudson. OMG, she is HOTT! She doesn't look too skinny in person. She looks healthy, which I love. She had great things to say about WW and her own leader, who was in the front row.

After Jennifer spoke, the mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel got on stage to say a few words. His portion was a little too "political" for me, but it was a huge honor to have him at the opening. Once, he finished, they started shuttling people outside for the ribbon cutting. I stayed back so I could take a pic of my pic on the wall. ;) I had to!

So we all trekked outside in the rain for the ribbon cutting. Now, at this point, my email said we were to go back inside or mingling and a tour. Apparently not, I went back inside with my wife and nothing. They were asking us to leave - saying the event was over. So, I think there was some miscommunication on the part of WW.

Thankfully, I was able to talk them into letting my wife take a pic of me with my pic on the wall. I mean c'mon, I needed to do that :)

But, after that, we left and headed back home to head back to work.

Overall, it was a cool thing to say I was a part of. I am more inspired to continue on and to finally hit goal.

Here are some pictures that my wife took. Enjoy!