Truth Tuesday

Thankfully I was not dreading this weigh-in as much as I did last week. I mean I have had a rough last few weeks weight loss wise and figured I was due for a good one and ... I lost 4.4 lbs! YAY! :)

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 165.8

Total Lost: 51.6

Pounds From Goal: 1.8

I cannot believe I am that close to goal. I am happy to be back above the 50 lb loss. I wanted to return to that mark before I turn 29 on Friday. I KNOW, I am almost 30 therefore basically 40! :P (I am not a big fan of my birthday)

This week was great. I got back to the basics (just like last week's topic). I planned out my days in the morning - leaving plenty of wiggle room to adjust throughout the day. But, I really thrive on having a guideline at least. As mentioned before, I have also been focusing on hitting all 5 Healthy Guidelines each day and I think it is actually helping. Crazy, huh? WW has you do something that makes you feel good. :P

I also stood up for myself this week and was pretty pumped. My wife's family wanted to take us to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday, but I wasn't feeling it. So instead of just going along with the plan to appease everyone (especially my wife who was wicked excited to go), I told her I would rather have a home cooked meal. It was great. Her dad grilled some chicken, while her mom made homemade bread, green beans and mashed potatoes. I definitely stayed more on plan with that meal than by having a ton of breadstick and salad at Olive Garden.


Here is a shot of my Weigh-In Wear:



My wife does WW online and I am so happy that she does. Not only does it help her and her weight loss journey, but it keeps me more on track as well. We work to encourage each other and keep healthy options in the house. Her weigh-in day is also Tuesday, but since she does it online only she doesn't attend a meeting to weigh-in - she does it at home. So now it is a family thing.

We both weigh-in at 8am on Tuesday morning on the super cool Runkeeper Withing Scale that has wifi so it sends your weight, fat % & BMI to a website where you can track it. Yes, I am easily impressed by technology :)

I love that we do this. Not only because it is good support for her, but it also gives me an idea of how the scale will treat me at my WW meeting a few hours later. I thrive on the meetings, clapping, hardware and having people around that I couldn't imagine doing the program online only so I am happy to be part of my wife's journey in whatever way I can.


Being so close to goal is crazy. I mean I set that number back on November 2, 2009 and honestly never thought I would see it on the scale and now it is within my grasp. My doctor would like me to lose 9 lbs after I hit my goal so that is currently being tabled in my mind. If I can, great. But if I can't, that is okay too since my goal is my first priority. My goal will put me at the top of the healthy range on the BMI for my height. I have never been in that range so I am beyond excited to finally be "healthy." (Note: I know not everyone loves the BMI, but that is also the top of the healthy range for my height according to WW) 

What are you going to do when you hit a weight-loss, running or activity goal? Any suggestions for me? I am looking for a non-food related celebration! When I hit 40 lbs, I got myself a heart-shaped Tiffany necklage. When I hit 50 lbs, I got myself a massage.