Truth Tuesday

I fought the demon today: The Scale. I almost didn't weigh-in. I was "off the wagon" for the last 2 weeks and was scared to see the number coming looking back at me. I weighed in on my home scale this morning and saw I was up 1.8 lbs from 2 weeks ago. Wow! That was WAAAYYYY better than I expected. I ended up weighing in at my meeting (especially since it was possibly our last WW at work meeting) and... I gained 2 lbs. Well, that at least gived me assurance that our at home scale is pretty accurate. Here are the updated numbers:

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 170.2

Total Lost: 47.2

Pounds From Lowest: 4.0

Pounds From Goal: 6.2

I am proud of myself for facing the scale. I could've hid from it, but if I don't hold myself accountable - who will? I need to accept whatever was on the scale. I was on the road and allowed myself to slip.

Now, I have slipped before - most of us have. But, as I walked to work yesterday morning. I felt like those people (okay I have been there too) that after a night of drinking say "I am never drinnking again" then go out to the bar that day. Well, I don't want to be one of those people that slips up. I wish I could eat healthy all the time, but there is something in me that can't make the commitment. I just like french fries too much. But, I am proud of myself for getting back "on the wagon." I could let those slip-ups linger on for months, but instead they last maybe 7-14 days then I am back.

I honestly can't handle the way my body feels without fruits/veggies/the Healthy Guidelines.

I am happy to put August behind me. I knew it would be a tough month. I just checked the Weight Tracker on Weight Watchers and it looks like in the month of August I only gained 0.5 lbs. Well, it felt like alot more. I guess I would say that July/August were rough. But, I digress.

Either way, I know I am currently 2.8 lbs from being back to 50 lost (until I hit that I will be leaving my 50 lbs charm at home - I don't deserve it right now), 4 lbs from my lowest on WW and 6.2 lbs from goal.

THOSE are the things I am focusing on. I am focusing on the positive. Today is a new day. This is a new week. I am ready to get back to tracking and get kick butt ... especially my butt because I have a lot of it to get rid of ;)

How did your Truth Tuesday go?


PS. It looks like we may actually be able to keep our WW at Work meeting!! :) YAY! We just need one more person to join and I think they are about 95% sure they are resigning! Keep fingers crossed for us. Especially since my old meeting is apparently shutting down in 2 weeks.