Half Marathon Training Update

Well all, this morning I gave it my all. I really wanted to run about 5-6 miles. But, my back had a different plan. I should've known from when I woke up that the run was not going to go well, but I had to try. I got to the Lakefront and did my normal stretching routine, etc. I started out feeling good, but felt a twinge in my back. I thought okay - run 5 for minutes then re-evaluate. I made it 26 minutes (2.5 miles) and had to give in. My back (both sides of my surgery spot) and my left foot were done. Instead of stopping completely, I decided to turn around and walk the rest of the way back to complete the 5 miles. I ended up running for 26 min (2.5 miles) and walking for about 50 minutes (3.1 miles - kept the tracker going the whole way home). Felt good overall. I am glad that I got out there and did it, but mad at myself for not being able to run the whole thing.  I am happy that I listened to my body and didn't try to push it and really do damage.

Official Half training will not start until November so this is really the month to let my back rest/heal before the full-press training starts then.

I was also completely frustrated with my Nathan Sports Running Belt. It would not sit still. It kept riding up and twisting around my body. Now, it may be partly because I didn't pin it down. But, I also changed the type of running shirt I wore since it is starting to actually feel like Fall here in Chicago. I wore a long-sleeved shirt from one of my old road races and it is more like a performance shirt than the cotton-style Lululemon running tanks I wore over the summer.

Anyone offer any guidance on how to fix my belt as the wardrobe changes with the colder weather?