Trick Or Treat Trot 5k - October 2011

Unfortunately for this post, you will not see me running in a fun Halloween costume! :P I decided that none of the ideas I had would be conducive to running... The weather here in Chicago has definitely turned. It isn't as bad as back home in Boston with the snow, but it was chilly. I am going to have to switch to my new winter running clothes before I know it.

I hadn't run this race before, but it started in the same place as most of the races I have run here in Chicago ... Montrose Harbor. As I have written before, this is a great place to start with an open area for the pre/post race party and there are tons of trails to choose from that each race ends up being different.

I was battling some left ankle pain this week, but was determined to not let it hold me back. I also didn't want to use it as an excuse if I didn't PR. I wasn't sure what to think going into today's run after how well I did in last week's 5k. I just had to keep telling myself that you don't have to PR every time out. :P

The run kicked off and I felt waaay better than last week's race. I got to the first mile mark around 8:16, which was slower than last week so I got a little nervous. But, then I thought, well maybe I will pace myself better this way.

I still had absolutely HORRIBLE music stuck on my iPhone ever since I did the update to iCloud and it messed with my records. That was a total downer, but I pushed through.

Mile Two was along the water and entirely INTO the wind. I felt like I was running in place the entire time. I found a girl who was running about the same pace I was and just stuck right behind her. Also, she had the Lululemon winter running jacket I want so I passed time checking out how it looked/flowed while she ran. :)

I felt good and strong while going into Mile Three. I was back on my normal bike path by this point so I knew exactly where we would be going and at what point I would really need to kick it into another gear to get to the Finish.

As I rounded past the Mile Three marker, my Runkeeper chirped off that I was at 25 minutes passed. I could see the finish and I just took off. I was so close to passing the 25:36 from last week. I crossed the Finish and they read off my name (nice addition race organizers).

I hit my Runkeeper and it said 3.12 miles at 25:40. I realized last week my pace was 8:15 and this week it had said unofficially 8:14. I knew inside I had a PR, but I didn't want to get my hopes too far up!

I grabbed a water, bagel and banana and headed to the Finish to watch my wife cross! She rocked it and crossed just after 34 minutes.

I had some lingering pain in my right thigh, but so far it seems to have passed.

I am much happier with the course this week than during last week's Homecoming 5k. There weren't really any potholes and there were plenty of volunteers along the course helping direct runners if needed (which helped during the 5k and 10k split).

The results finally posted and the official word is ... a new shiny purdy PR of 25:34. You got it: a new PR by 2 whole seconds. I will freakin' take it. I am so proud of myself. I cannot believe in the last month I have cut off over 2 minutes from my previous PR. Who am I? ;)

Overall, I finished 74th out of 508 (Say whhaaa??) and fourth in my division of 38 (Who woulda thought)!

I realized after the run that I will be running my third 5k in three weeks next Saturday - Hot Chocolate 5k. This is one of my favorite runs and actually the first 5k I ever ran in Chicago (November 2010). It is kind of like this part of my running journey is going full circle and I can't wait to see how I do. I am excited they are changing the course, but are keeping the super yummy post-run chocolate fondue! Yummy!!