Anniversary Weekend Wrap-Up

What a wonderful weekend it was. :) Thankfully the weather was 10 times better than it was last year in Iowa when we had our ceremony.

It was freakin' cold that day ... and windy ... and rainy! But, thankfully Jessica got some great pics. :P

 This year, we kicked off the one year anniversary with a nice little 10k. Being the healthier people we were than a year ago (I have lost 26 lbs since that day and the wife has lost about 10 lbs), I thought it would be a great way to start the day. It would also help to slightly offset what we would be eating that day. :)

I finished in 54:30 and the wife finished in 1:12.43. Go us!! :) We even got medals ... I heart medals!

Since the race was at 7am that meant we had to get up at 5am so we definitely headed home from the run to relax for awhile. We hit up Ann Sather for a cinnamon roll each and headed home to indulge in some chillin'... :P We caught up on some DVR and enjoyed the deliciousness of the cinnamon roll.

We decided to head to a 12:25 showing of Puss In Boots in 3D. Yes, my wife married a 5 year old, but I don't care. :) The movie was awesome, funny, adorable and just overall great. We split a small movie popcorn to help the calorie count a little.

Afterwards, it was time to do something more adult-esque ... so we headed to Rock Bottom for a couple drinks and some wings.

Since we are parents, we couldn't just stay out all afternoon and head straight to dinner. Nope. Had to head home to take care of the pups. After taking care of the four-legged critters, we headed out to an early dinner (6:30) at The Weber Grill. Mannn do I love that place. Now you know why I had almost all my Weekly Points and my Activity Points stored up for this day! ;) There was pretzel rolls, butter, steak skewers, onion strings, mashed potatoes, steak and of course Sangria. I want to give The Weber Grill a special thank you for the amazing dessert they gave us! Yummmm...

The food was delicious as always. It was nice to just kick back with some yummy steaks and some sangria and just reflect back on the last year.

It was tough that only a month after we got married I had my back injury. That darn back injury put me into a bad funk for about 6 months. Not a fun way to spend the first half of your marriage. But, thankfully, I am back to normal - nah, I would say better than normal now. :)

Overall, it was a great day. I got to just hang out with the wife (since when work is busy I rarely get to do that), enjoy the moments and get to bed early since we were up at 5am. :P I didn't even worry over my Weight Watchers points, but I did take the time on Sunday to write down everything I ate - even if I didn't calculate the point values.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. It was time to get back on track eating. I did two workouts: a 10am Spinning class and a 2pm Hip Hop/Funk class to help combat some of the damage from Saturday. :P

I hope that this weekend gave me just a glimpse into how AWESOME our week in Hawaii will be ... especially minus the pups! ;)