Half Marathon Update - 10 miles

This training run was slightly different than what has been happening. I switched the run from Thursday to Tuesday because it was going to be 10 degrees warmer this morning and I wanted the extra help before my Weight Watchers weigh-in. I ran solo - El was sick and nursing a hurt ankle so I had to hit the trail all by my lonesome. I also listened to music the entire time - well I had to otherwise I would've been the weird girl running along the Lake talking to herself. ;) Well, I kept my routine pretty standard this morning - hopped outta bed at 5:30am, had all my clothes already laid out, made sure to move around the house as quietly as possible to not wake up the wife or the pups and headed out towards the Lakefront.

It was in the low 40s for the start of the run, which felt like a heatwave after last week. :P

I started out slow since I have been experiencing some back pain the past couple days after going a little too hard during a Hip Hop/Funk class. I kept feeling pains in the right side of my back and in my stomach, but I vowed to push through. I just kept looking at my GoSportID band and saying "Stand Up And Finish What You Started."

I kept a pace just below 10 minutes per mile and remembered to check in with my body every so often. I wanted to give up after Mile Four, but I just kept taking the run 5 minutes at a time ... and it worked. Next thing I know I was at Mile Seven. Now at this point, there really was no looking back. I had a goal in my mind of 8-10 miles, but really a goal of 10 miles. I wanted to head into vacation on a good note.

I would be lying if I didn't say the last two miles were tough, but powerful. I felt my body getting stronger as I came to the final mile. I think all my time on the Stairmaster and in Spin classes is really paying off.

I ended up completing 10.02 miles in 1:38.35 (9:50 min/mile pace). I was thrilled!! That is a full seven minutes faster than my first attempt at 10 miles this year (July 8 - 1:45.56). It also meant my pace was 16 seconds faster per mile than my Half Marathon in August (10:12).

Today gave me the belief that I can knock some decent time off my Half in January. I finished the Rock 'n' Roll Half in August in 2:12.15. It would be great if I could get a time closer to 2 hours. Of course, this is all pending on how the weather is that day!! It will be January ... in Chicago ... by the Lake! :P

But for today, I am proud of myself. I fought through, dug deep and completed my mission!