Truth Tuesday - 5 lb Gain (2 weeks)

Okay well I knew that this would be a gain. I mean hello I was traveling and out of town in Hawaii on my honeymoon for about 8 days total. I knew there would also be some bloating due to all the salt/beer/wine from the previous week as well. I was expecting a 7 lb gain since that is what my home scale was telling me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a ... 5 lb gain. I will take it, accept it and move on.

Today: Gained 5.0 (first weigh-in in two weeks)

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 168.2

Total Lost: 49.2

Pounds From Original Goal: 4.2

Pounds From New Goal: 13.2

Since I am trying to be more positive, I will list good things that came out of today's Weight Watchers meeting: I am still in the 160s, I was asked to be a success story at another WW center opening, my size 10 pants still fit and the most important ... I faced the scale and lived! :P

Overall, I am really am feeling positive. I am on Day 3 of my latest attempt at a #7daychip. This is four-fold:

1) Do a #plankaday everyday

2) I need to hit all 5 of the food-related WW healthy checks (liquid, healthy oils, vitamin, fruits/veggies and dairy)


4) Get in at least 30 minutes of moving/exercise everyday

This has been great. I am feeling empowered and overall healthier. Despite trying to keep moving/running/exercising while in Hawaii, I was eating crappy since we had to eat out EVERY meal and feeling gross. I am happy to be back in my comfort zone and back to my workout routine. Next time I go on vacation (should be sometime in the next decade :P) I want to go stay somewhere where I can cook/make my own breakfast/lunch.


As we talked in today's meeting about the impending Holiday season, I realized that I am pretty off the hook for the rest of the year. I only have one holiday party to attend for work and that is it. I am not traveling home for Christmas. I don't have cookie exchanges to attend. I don't have visitors coming in to town. The remainder of 2011 will be pretty status quo for me. I am hoping this gives me time to really buckle down and get closest to my newly set goal weight as possible. Only time will tell.

I am going to start a new December challenge for myself. I think I am going to look back at my successful Stupendous September challenge and take a couple notes from that.


Did you face the scale today despite the holiday?