Truth Tuesday – 1.2 lb Loss

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect on the scale this week. I usually check in with my home scale a couple times during the week to get a gauge. I step on the home scale every Tuesday AM (actual WW weigh-in day), Friday and Monday. I try not to take what I see on there too hard since your body can fluctuate throughout the week, but I like having an idea. I used to weigh myself every day so this is a big step in the direction of just weighing in once a week like the experts recommend. Plus I now realize how harmful it is mentally to weigh-in every day. Well after seeing my home scale this AM (which said I would lose 1 lb), I was hoping for about a 1 lb loss. The official WW result was ... 1.2 lbs lost. YAY!

Today: Lost 1.2

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 163.6

Total Lost: 53.8

Pounds From Lowest: 0.6

Pounds From New Goal: 8.6

I was psyched. So I gained 5.2 lbs over the two week period including the honeymoon and in the two weeks since returning home I have lost 4.6 lbs of it. I am definitely happy with this result. I hope to be at either my lowest or a new low next week. :)


I am feeling really good right now. I have been really focusing on getting back to the basics, like I mentioned last week. I have been making sure to complete all the WW Healthy Guidelines, which I think makes a HUGE difference in how I feel.

But, don't think I am not treating myself. That is why I love WW. You can eat normal food just in moderation. For example, I had Chinese food on Wednesday night. But, I made sure to measure out the 2 cups I had allotted myself of General Tso's Chicken, throw out the rice right away and make 1 cup of carrots to be my side. I ate that and felt completely satisfied.


I feel for the people that are trying to eat well around Holiday party after Holiday party. Not getting invited places/not having a life is actually helping me out this month. :P I do not envy those people that have to do so much planning this month. For the past 18 days since returning from Hawaii, I have been able to get back into the zone and keep my splurges in control. :)


On Friday, we found out a colleague, and more importantly, a dear friend passed away. My initial reaction was to turn to food. Thankfully through the support through Twitter and my friends, I was able to suppress those feelings, make healthy food choices and find other ways to grieve. I can tell you I have never cried so hard during a run as I did on Saturday morning. I am sure people passing me were wondering if I was being chased or what was going on. But, it was a healthy way for me to deal with the loss.

I was also able to distract myself slightly from thinking about it while attending two WW center openings.


What do you have to share on Truth Tuesday?