Joining the WW Family...

I cannot even begin to tell you all how excited I am to say that when I get to Boston I will begin working for Weight Watchers. For the past couple years, I have dreamed of saying that and now it is real! I had done a call to possibly be a WW receptionist in Chicago, but hadn't heard anything after that initial call so I thought maybe they weren't interested. But, then I decided to move to Boston so I went back to the WW website and submitted my info again. I quickly got an email back from their territory manager last week and had a phone interview with Elaine on Friday.

It was awesome. I am definitely a WW dork as she can tell you. At one point I definitely said "well members who go to meetings lose 50% more than ones that do online only" and may have dropped Suzi's name from Twitter/New WW commercial. I just was so excited to talk about how WW has changed my life.

Elaine had already checked out my blog, blog's Facebook and my Twitter account so I felt she already had a pretty good handle on who I was. :P The conversation was great and then she said the magic words "We would love to have you on our team." Ahhh!! I was elated. She added that I was the first person in WW Boston history to be hired over the phone without an in-person interview ... wow! What. An. Honor.

Of course, I made sure I could share on Twitter and Facebook right away, but I was so busy with work that I wasn't able to blog about it until now.

Well, I think you can all tell I am psyched. I will be starting as a receptionist, learning the ropes and continuing to work towards Lifetime status so I may one day be a WW leader myself. THAT is the ultimate goal.

I cannot wait to share my journey (loss of 63.2 lbs) with others and help new and returning WW members in the future...

I owe a big thank you to Elaine for taking a chance on me. I promise to work hard and exceed all your expectations!

Now, can we get to Boston already so I can start... ;)