Truth Tuesday – 0.4 lb Gain

Since 2008, this last week is always the toughest in January for me. I am out of my comfort zone and in a hotel for almost the entire time. I had my weigh-in and hit goal Tuesday morning, that night I moved into the Hilton Chicago and I was there through Sunday afternoon. I tried to prepare myself as best as possible and brought snacks, my workout clothes and my blender with me. :) During this week I normally gain between 1-2 lbs since I end up imbibing too much wine which then results in eating too much food ... and hangovers. Which lead to basically another day of eating horribly. So Thursday-Sunday for me this week were horrendous. Just ugly foodwise.

I am proud of myself because I kept my workout streak alive and made it to the hotel gym each day for at least 30 min of activity. (small victory)

Since I wasn't home and used Monday as a get back on track and stay in the gym for an hour, I didn't weigh-in. I had NO idea what to expect. I just wanted to be under 157 (to stay on track for Lifetime). My home scale showed a 0.3 lb gain. Whhaaaa??? I went to my WW weigh-in and I gained just 0.4 lbs! Wow! I will take it...

Today: Gain 0.4

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 154.2

Total Lost: 63.2

I am still under my goal weight (155) by 0.8 lbs heading into Week Two of maintenance!


I am upset with myself for not having better control of my snacking and drinking, but I accepted what happened and have moved on.

These next five weeks are crucial in my journey to Lifetime. I am ready to get back on the horse - which I did yesterday. It felt wicked good to eat on plan and hit all my healthy checks. I just felt normal - even after one day. :)

The really tough stretch is the next two weeks as we prepare to move to Boston. This week alone we are going to a Blackhawks game and two Going Away parties. I am going to devise and plan and stick to it. I am going to increase my activity, as well as, bring snacks whenever possible.

But, the main thing is - I will not beat myself up over anything. This is the last time I will see many of these people for awhile and I want to enjoy the time we spend together.

I will make sure to really keep the wine and beer in check. I don't like the hungover feeling - I mean who does (but this week I had two hangovers in three days - my first since early October). But it really messes up my eating schedule the next day, as well as, my workout schedule. And frankly, it's not worth it. Time to reign that in.


Today was also our final WW at work meeting. It was extremely emotional for me. I didn't outwardly cry, especially we had such a good time laughing during the meeting. But, inside I was sad to see the time end. Not just for me, but also my coworkers. They have all done so well. As a group since April, we lost 325 lbs. Woo! How freakin' great is that!!

I really hope they can get 20 interested people in order to restart the group in April. I am keeping everything crossed for them...


I am so proud of all my participants in the #100ozchallenge. I cannot believe over 35 people have joined in to my challenge. I am even thinking of maybe having a prize or something down the road. That would be cool right?


Did anyone else face the scale for Truth Tuesday today?