Truth Tuesday – 1.2 lb Loss

This week I didn't weigh-in at home once, which is sooo unlike me, but things kept getting in the way of my 8am weigh-in time. This led to me going into today's weigh-in pretty blindly. I weighed in at home at 7am and was down 1.5 lbs from last week. Okay! I would be happy with anything over a 1lb loss (even though I was internally wanting a 1.8 lb loss so I could hit 60 lbs gone) because it would be a loss. I headed to my new 8am weigh-in at my future Weight Watchers meeting and was pleasantly told of a 1.2 lb loss! Yay!! I am just 0.6 lbs from the 60 lb weight loss mark...

Today: Lost 1.2

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 158.0

Total Lost: 59.4

Pounds From New Goal: 3.0

I am hoping to hit the 60 lb weight loss mark next week, but will be happy with any loss on the scale.

I don't have too much new to report today since I did a LOT of blog posting this weekend as you can all see.

I am hoping to just keep taking each day one at a time and keep getting back to basics!!

But, for today? I Believe In Me! :)