Truth Tuesday – 4.2 lb Loss & GOAL!!

Well folks, I was really hoping for at least a 0.6 lb weight loss this week since I was at 59.4 lbs gone last week and I wanted to hit that lovely round # of 60 gone. I tracked everything this week - even when I let my guard down Friday and just enjoyed my goodbye dinner with my friend, I still wrote down everything I had - so I was hoping for a good loss. Also, despite being sick, I worked out at least 60 min every day. I liked the # I saw on the home scale this morning so I was hoping the Weight Watchers scale would be as nice, but you know what? It was EVEN better!! I lost 4.2 lbs this week for a total of 63.6 lbs gone ... and that means I passed my goal weight by 1.2 lbs!! :)

Today: Lost 4.2

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 153.8

Total Lost: 63.6

Pounds From New Goal: NONE!! :)


It is absolutely crazy to actually be at goal - like real goal not the fake goal I set before. Haha. I will not be changing the goal weight again ... for now ;) Haha. :P

It is surreal to see that I am at goal. I mean it is time to transition the brain from losing weight to maintaining. That starts by changing my daily allotment of points from 27 to 32. What will I do with those extra points? I told my Leader an extra glass of wine each night. ;)


Since getting back from my honeymoon and starting my Dynamic December and Jammin' January challenges, which includes #back2basics, #30for60 and my #30daychip, I have lost 14.4 lbs!! Wow!


I really want to thank each and every one of you that has traveled on this journey with me. Many times a day I just stop and think how truly lucky I am.

I really am proud of myself for sticking with this process. So many times I wanted to just stop and just eat everything in sight, but I knew I didn't need to do that. I didn't need to turn to food in emotional times. I could, and would, heading out for a run instead or putting in some time at the gym. Those endorphins can really do wonders.

I think I am still in so much shock that I can't even put into words what I am feeling. I am excited. I am thrilled. I am proud. I am nervous. I am anxious. I am fearful. But really? I am happy.

Isn't that all that matters?