Non-Scale Victories

When I started my weight loss journey in November 2009, I honestly thought the only thing that mattered would be the number on the scale. Wow...

... Was I wrong.

In the beginning, sure. I focused just on what the scale was saying and that is how I judged my mood for the week. Being completely honest, I had a breakdown when I had my first gain. It was only 1.2 lbs, but up til that point I had lost each week. It was at that point, I had to re-evaluate my priorities.

I was doing Weight Watchers to create a healthier lifestyle for myself. I didn't want to be the unhappy person I was inside anymore. I was working through the program for more than dropping the pounds.

As the scale fluctuated with life (especially in 2010 when I was much more lax with my tracking/commitment/etc) and I got frustrated with that, I looked to other things that were still plusses and positives to look for to help me continue on.

I think I can actually remember the Non-Scale Victories (NSV) more than the weight milestones.

Some of my favorite non-scale victories in the last two-plus years:

1) Getting outside of my comfort zone and trying classes at the gym that I wouldn't normally have tried on my own: Spinning, Zumba, Hip Hop, Yoga, Pilates, etc.

2) Being able to buy pants in a decreasing order! I started wearing a size 18 and I just bought a pair of size 8 pants two weeks ago. I remember how excited I was when I got back into a size 12 - that felt amazing - so you can only imagine how the size 10 then size 8 pants experience felt.

3) I was able to wear a dress in Hawaii without having to squeeze into a pair of Spanx! I hadn't worn a dress without Spanx in years...

4) Being able to fit into clothes at the Lululemon Athletica clothing. It was a goal of mine for so long so the first time it actually happened ... I cried! And now I'm not even the biggest size in the store anymore. :)

5) Sitting on a plane or train and not spilling over into the seat next to mine.  I can sit in those seats now and have room to spare.

6) I don't hide from the camera like I used to. Prior to WW, I would hide behind other people in photos - turn to the side - or hide behind my friends so only my head would show. If I was sitting on a couch, I would make sure to strategically place a pillow in my lap to cover my stomach.

7) Learning to complete and enjoy filling the WW Healthy Guidelines on a daily basis. Now my body craves fruits and veggies...

8) I am more confident in my running. I have worked hard and it is paying off. I am posting times and splits I never through imaginable. I signed up for another marathon (first was in September 2006) and I never thought I would do that again.

9) CONFIDENCE! I was never a very confident person unless at work. I always felt a sense of myself and confidence when in "work mode," but outside of work, I was much more timid and shy. But now, I know I am stronger and worth more than I used to give myself credit for.

...and one of the biggest NSV of them all?

10) I like myself now. I don't love everything about myself since I think there is always room for improvement. But, my old feelings of wanting to "hurt myself" or the "this world would be better without me" thoughts, have completely gone away. (More on this topic next week)


So please, when you see a standstill on the scale, don't give up. Think of how this journey has impacted the rest of your life. Think of how positively your changes have not only affected you, but the people around you.











What is your favorite NSV?