Truth Tuesday - 0.2 lb Loss

Well this is the first Truth Tuesday in what feels like a looong time ... sorry for the delay people!! My last Chicago official WW weigh-in was January 17th and I was 154.2 lbs.

I then took three weeks off from weigh-ins because of the big change in my life of moving back to Boston from Chicago, which led to two weeks of goodbye parties, goodbye lunches, goodbye drinks and a 1,000 mile road trip.

I finally found time to do my first Boston official WW weigh-in on February 7th and I was 154.0 lbs.



Today: Loss 0.2

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 154.0

Total Lost: 63.4


So thankfully that was my weigh-in for Week Four of maintenance and I am still 1 lb under my goal weight of 155 lbs. So now I just need to weigh-in between 153-157 lbs on February 14th and 21st and I will FINALLY hit Lifetime! Ahhh ... it is crazy to think I am so close to that dream! What a feeling that will be!!


I finally took the plunge and broke out a new weigh-in outfit. Everyone told me it was time to retire the skirt that was three sizes too big. :P



I can tell that my body is really loving the healthier lifestyle that comes along with Weight Watchers. I know I wrote the same thing after Hawaii and it is true. I had two weeks of goodbye parties/lunches/drinks and then a two-day 1,000 mile road trip and there was nothing "healthy" about that time. Lots of fried food, beer and old habits and man did I pay for it. My body was a wreck. It was craving fruits/vegetables/health!

Thankfully I made a decision that once we got to Boston I would be back on track and I have been. Today is Day 8 of being back on plan and my body feels AMAZING!! Each day I have gotten in at least 30 min of exercise (mostly walking due to my knee injury), completed the six healthy guidelines, done my #plankaday, drank at least 100oz of water and tracked everything. I feel motivated and back in control.


How could I not feel motivated now that I am working for Weight Watchers and seeing such amazing members on a daily basis?

I have been with Weight Watchers for almost a week and I have loved every minute of it. All of my coworkers have been so friendly and helpful, which makes the transition easier.  :)

I will be sure to leave more info about the first week at work in it's own post...


Did anyone else face the scale for Truth Tuesday?