¡Adios Chicago ... Hola Boston!

Never in a million years did I think I would live in the Midwest ... yup, I think I uttered that sentence everyday during the four years I was in Chicago. :P I was a Bostonian through and through. I lived in Boston until I was 24 before I moved away. I went to San Francisco for eight months before moving back for work then on January 3, 2008 I departed Boston again. For how long? I wasn't sure. I knew that the only way I would move to the middle of the country would be for work ... and I did. I got a job in Chicago and off I went.

I got lucky. I was able to make friends through coworkers pretty quickly. I also had a college friend in Chicago so I was able to get a support system right off the bat. Something that is necessary for me when moving to a new city - especially since that was my third move in a year period. Yes 2007 was a crazy/exciting/invigorating time. :)

Chicago is very similar to Boston: a walkable city that loves their sports ... food ... and drinks.

The Windy City gave me so many memories over four years: some good ... some bad ... some vivid ... some fuzzy.

But, when I arrived in Chicago, I was a lonely, single, overweight girl that just wanted some love. I left the city a well-rounded, confident, healthy, vibrant wife and mother to not one, but two pups.

I grew up during my time in the Midwest. I owe Chicago for helping me to find my true passions as well as the love of my life.

I found things that made me happy again ... working out ... running ... weight loss ... social media ... friends ... and family!


In the line of work I was in I didn't get a lot of time off. I spent most of my time at work making my department my family - my office my home.

I started missing my friends and family back in Boston. They were trying to be my support from 1,000 miles away.

As I found success with Weight Watchers (as the 63 lbs came off - never to return again), I started finding the new passions: helping people on their own weight loss journeys.

Time to pay it forward.

I had started the interview process to become a WW receptionist in Chicago. My wife and I had a long chat and decided to take a leap of Faith and head East. My wife had never lived in Boston before, but thankfully was up for a new adventure. I thank her for uprooting her life after seeing how unhappy I truly was...


We decided to move to Boston without either of us having jobs in place - without having a subletter for our apartment - without having a real game plan. But, somehow it all worked out.

Within 10 days of announcing our move, we each had jobs lined up. Jobs we were both wicked exited for.

Two days before loading the truck up, we had subletters in place.

It seemed as if the leap of Faith we took was meant to be. We jumped and it all worked out.

That has to mean something, right? Destiny? The cosmos?

Not sure what it was, but I was happy...


After running the F^3 Lake Half Marathon on January 28, we hit the road on the 29th. We broke the 1,000 mile journey into two days. I don't recommend to anyone to run a half marathon and then move half way across the States - not my brightest idea. :P But, it all worked out.

We are here now. Happy to be in a state that 100% recognizes our marriage. In 2013, we will be able to file joint taxes like other married couples.

In 2012, we can take vacations together during the summer. I can take time off for me. I am ready to dive into this new adventure.

I am ready to share this fabulous place with my wife. I am excited to build a life together - to set up roots so that we can start a family...

Wow! I sound like an adult ... is that what happens when you are approaching 30? ;)