Under The Disco Ball...

As you all know I am slightly obsessed with Spinning, but I haven't been able to Spin in weeks. My physical therapist made me stop while I was (and still am) battling my patella/IT band injury. We were trying to rest the leg as much as possible before the Half Marathon on January 27. But, yesterday - oh yesterday - I returned to the Spin studio for the first time since ... December 14. Wow! (Yes I just went back through my exercise records to find out the last time I got to Spin :P). I cannot believe I went almost two months without Spinning after going at least three times a week the previous four months.

Well ... I am back folks! Yesterday was actually my first "Boston Spinning" experience. I went with a few ladies from Lululemon to a Spinning class at G Star Fit in Needham.

I can tell you this Spin class was like no other I have ever attended - it was an AMAZING 45 minutes. The credentials for the instructor are endless. He has trained with top Spin instructors in New York and won numerous accolades around the Boston area before opening his own gym in Needham. He - being Gregg - teaches all of the Spin classes.

The space is smaller than most studios I have been in, but once the music kicks on - the intensity of the room & Gregg take over. He pumps House Music into the Studio and pumps up the energy. I started to ride ... down came the lights ... and on came the disco ball. That is right folks! A disco ball. I knew I was going to like the class at that point.

Most of the ride is out of the saddle, which I normally like, but unfortunately my back was a tad sore (Darn surgically repaired back). I was able to keep up with class, but didn't do all of the jumps he had the group do because of the back. At those points, I stayed mostly in position three and kept the sweat kept pouring.

At the end of class, I looked down - after realizing I started the HRM 3 minutes late - and saw 463 calories burned in 42 minutes. But if my math is correct, it would come out to about 496 calories in 45 minutes. Phew! Now THAT is a good workout.

So if you find yourself in Needham and looking for a kick ass Spin class, I highly recommend checking out Gregg at G Star Fit. :)