Truth Tuesday - 0.4 lb Loss

Hello All! Well after a two week hiatus from the scale I am back and going to remain coming back each week. I have realized I am not the type of person that can handle once a month weigh-ins. Have we figured out I am slightly OCD and very "right brained"? ;) Anywho... I got back to business this week after slacking the week before after hitting Lifetime. I had a bit of a good old food meltdown on Thursday, which kicked my smaller booty into gear! So Thursday through Monday I was ON, I mean each day I: hit all 6 of my Weight Watchers Healthy Guidelines, worked out min 30 min, hit my DPT of 26, hit 100oz of water, did my #plankaday and tracked/blogged/Tweeted/Facebook my Food Log. And can I tell you all something? I felt amazing! I felt like I had just started WW all over again. That fun feeling in the beginning where you are all bright eyed and bushy tailed and eager. I felt satisfied, accomplished and just overall in control. Now I know I am not keeping this up forever since we know I love those 49 weekly points, I mean 49 wine points, too much not to use them. But it was a little check I needed to do.

(Note: The best part of this week was that I didn't beat myself up over what happened on Thursday. I woke up the next morning and instead of beating myself up, I came up with a game plan of how to get myself back on track and stuck to it. The old me would've called myself every name under the sun and said if I messed up this day why not just say "To Hell" with the rest of the week. New me? NOPE! I said it is a NEW DAY and I moved on. I give myself a *Bravo* for that!)

And boy did it help! I lost 0.4 lbs (which doesn't seem like a lot to some people), but I am in the maintenance time of my life so that little loss was what I needed to be back to my goal weight exactly. When I hit Lifetime I was 0.4 lbs above it. I mean that is nothing, plus for WW standards I just need to remain within 153-157 lbs.

For my psyche, it just ended a streak of three-consecutive gains, which I don't think I had ever experienced before.


Today: Loss 0.4

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 155.0

Total Lost: 62.4


The implosion on Thursday was exactly what I needed to snap my slacker self back to reality. I was slowly slipping back to old habits that had brought me to Weight Watchers in the first place and I didn't like it.

So now I am happy to be back on the upswing, each week, each day, each meal will not be perfect, but I will work to be the best I can be. :)

I have found a WW meeting of my own to attend (Tuesday 10am in Malden) and could not be happier. It is so nice to take your WW receptionist hat off for an hour and get back to why you joined in the first place - to be a member and to feel involved in the meeting.

I cannot put in to words how much happier I am now that I have my own meeting to attend and I am falling back into a nice pattern. My Tuesday has now become my favorite day of the week ... and also my "Super WW" day. How you may ask? Well, here is the rundown:

6am Spinning with my girl Jess - aka Last Chance Workout

7am Weigh-in on Home Scale

8am Weigh-in officially at WW Boston Store with Alverson

8:15am Grab my much needed Dunkin Iced Coffee ;)

10am Attend my now weekly WW meeting with Heather

Noon-3:45 Me time - blog/run errands/chill with the pups/unwind

4pm Head to work

5-8pm Work the 6pm WW meeting and open hours

How about that for a powerful/motivating/positive day?


After chatting/emailing with my Territory Manager (Elaine) today and sitting with my WW coach (who will help me with the training to be a Leader), I just know I made the right decision this year. I feel so happy to call Weight Watchers my home. Helping, teaching, listening, cheering, consoling and motivating people in such an important and personal journey is an honor to me!

I thank you all for helping me see that! You have all given me the strength to make the Leap with your support and encouragement...