Truth Tuesday - 0.4 lb Loss

It seems like too long since I last did a Truth Tuesday post ... last week I weighed in at home, but didn't do my official Weight Watchers weigh-in. I was determined this week to take off what I had gained. According to the home scale it was about 3 lbs of a gain (155.2 then 158.6 over a two week span). So last Monday I had recommitted to getting on plan ... that lasted three days before I went to Weight Watchers Leader training on Thursday. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday I tried to keep my eating in check, but I definitely did some stress eating. But, I also upped my activity all week long - even managing a 5.5 mile run on Wednesday and a 5 mile run on Friday morning. Woo! And that activity must've worked since this morning on the home scale I was down 4.2 lbs (158.6 to 154.4). Sah-weet!

So I headed in to Weight Watchers to get back on track with the official Truth Tuesday weigh-ins. Last time I was there (March 6) I was 155 (RIGHT at my goal weight) and today ... 154.6! Down 0.4 lbs. I will take it peeps. That is some good maintaining over the last three hectic weeks...

Today: Loss 0.4

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 154.6

Total Lost: 62.8

I am definitely happy with the results and proud to say today marks Day Three of being back on plan! I got back on track as soon as I woke up on Sunday, feeling refreshed and ready to reclaim control over my eating habits.

Another big relief is the lack of knee pain I have felt this week, which started with my 5k on Sunday, March 18. Including that race, I have run 13.6 painfree miles and hit up three Spin classes without knee problem. I am really hoping the injury, which plagued me since Hawaii in November is behind me.

I will tell you all that getting back to the basics of measuring, weighing, tracking and listening to my body signals has helped me handle the last couple weeks. I have been "back on plan" for six of the last nine days. Yay! I am pretty darn proud of that!

I also need to keep the booze in control. I can see when I have a little too much beer or wine the promiscuous eating comes out in full force, which leads to a bad next day - a mini domino effect. So I need to really show some self control with that and not slip in to old bad habits! Plus, I just hate how I feel when I go a little too far on the booze. I'm not 21 any more... :P

Who else tackled the scale on Truth Tuesday today?