The Blues Run 5k - 5/17/12 - PR 22:23 (7:14 min/mile)

Woo hoo! Thursday (May 17) kicked off the much anticipated Summer Run Series... with The Blues Run. I remember doing this series back in 2005/2006 when I just started running and obviously hadn't been in the state to take part again ... until now. :)

Each race has a theme, a big post-race party and a BBQ. I loved the races because they were a non-standard distance of 4.2 or 4.4 miles - something like that. But, this year they had to be shortened to a 5k because of construction on one of the bridges the race used to cross over.

Oh well ...

I knew the races would still be awesome.

Plus, if you complete all five races, you get a jacket. Yay schwag.

Well The Blues Run had a 6:30 pm start, which was a little early for us since my final Weight Watchers meeting of the day ended at 5:15 and we had to get home, change and get back to Cambridge.

Of course, we leave the house by 5:45 pm, but proceed to hit every red light, get stuck behind drivers taking what seemed like a Sunday stroll and every other traffic delay you could think of. ;)

But, we made it to the race in time and headed to the starting line.

We didn't start in the normal place - again due to construction - but we found the new line and were in position.

We couldn't remember which direction the run was going - who reads the emails with the race course in them anyway ;) - so we ended up right at the front of the Start, which was kind of nice.

The course is a familiar one for me. I used the same area for my long runs when I was training for my first marathon in 2006 and will be using them for my marathon training this year.

It is nice and flat with great scenery so I was hoping for a good time.

But, I NEVER expected to see 22:23 when I came across the finish line. That works out to a 7:14 min/mile pace. What? Who? Me? No way!!

I couldn't believe it.

Every race I amaze myself with what I am capable of. I would never give myself the credit to accomplish what I have accomplished in the past two years.

My friend Kim is doing the entire series as well ... I LOVE having so many friends in the area that love getting out, getting active then celebrating with a beer! ;)

You know I stood next to the grill to get that yummy smell... :)


Some people were debating on Facebook whether the course was actually 3.1 miles or not. My Runkeeper had 3.14 miles so I think it was actual length ... but we will see at the Raggae Ramble 5k on June 28.