Harpoon 5-Miler - 5/20/12 - 38:23 (7:41 min/mile)

I'd been looking forward to this race on May 20 for awhile ... who doesn't love a race that allows you to wear costumes and ends at the Harpoon Brewery? The 5-mile race is so popular - there is a lottery to get in to it. You can enter as an individual or a "6-pack" ... we entered as a "6-pack" and were selected ... Go "Team Big Man"! Woo!

Next big decision - what costume to wear? Hey, there is a contest, we had to enter.

Lots of e-mails back and forth between the group before we picked a nice and timely option.


Yes indeed we were the Josh Beckett "situations": Beckett and Lester with the Popeye's chicken and beer ... Beckett and Buchholz out for an off day of golf. :P

Thankfully the wife came along to act as official "Team Big Man" photographer and to enjoy the post-race party! :)

The Starting Line opened up to the masses at 9:45 to prepare for the 10am kickoff.

The crowd was huge and pumped for the run. It took us 3 minutes to make it to the Start Line.

We ran the first half mile together as a group then headed out at our own paces...

I do want to state for the record that each of us ran all 5 miles WITH our props! Yes, I ran 5 miles with a golf club and golf ball. Let me tell you that it gets heavier as the course went along. :P

It was HOT and HUMID. I also am not used to running in a cotton t-shirt so I felt out of my element.

But, I gave it my all. I couldn't believe that I was posting sub 8 min/miles after 3 miles - I hadn't done that before.

There were a couple slight hills, but the real opponent was the weather. Thankfully there was some extra shade during the homestretch.

I made it almost all 5 miles without dropping my golf ball then BAM! right before the Finish Line I dropped it and thankfully the guy running next to me scooped it right up.

As soon as we crossed the Finish Line, we got a Harpoon 5-Miler Pint glass full of water ... that would later be used for beer!

I officially finished in a PR of 38:23 (7:41 min/mile) ... I finished 98th out of 999 in my division and 706th out of 3,555 overall.

Wow! I still couldn't believe those numbers came from me.

The entire "Team Big Man" finished strong and everyone had a sub 9:20 min/mile pace. Hot damn we were working it.

We enjoyed our post-race refreshments and food before the costume contest began and ...

... we were jipped!! We lost to a group from the movie "Cool Running" and a set of American Gladiators. We shoulda won! We were timely and part of the costume was based on beer! Hello! :P But, that is okay - we will win next year!!

I even ran into my friend - and Spin Instructor - Jess, who I didn't know was running until after we finished. :P

Overall, the day was a BLAST ... and I cannot wait to run it again next year!