A Perfect Sunday...

I've missed so many family holidays during my eight years working in baseball so I am happy to make up for lost time... I was ready to celebrate this awesome guy!

This man has always been there when I needed it: dropped everything and hopped on a plane to get from Boston to Chicago in time for my back surgery, would sit on the phone with me at 2am when I was lost getting home from one of my first late night shifts at the Globe, stood on the sideline and cheered for six hours while I finished my first marathon, helps my friends with whatever they needed (moving, heat, shelves, etc), moved me to and back from Chicago without hesitation, acted as a surrogate father to relatives who needed one, and overall is one of the nicest, hard-working people I have ever met!


I started the day by hitting up Sunday morning Spin with Lindsey and Jen for the first time in ages. I've missed the last month because of road races ... a fair trade off in my opinion. But, it was nice to get back on the bike - it always makes me feel so strong!

Once I got home it was time to let my dad in on the Father's Day surprise! But, first I tied a bag to one of the dog's collars and had them bring in a card and bar of his favorite chocolate to him. He of course loved it. ;)

After that we let him know we were taking him up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire (about an hour drive from Boston) for lunch on the water. It was a beautiful drive and the wife's first time in the state of New Hampshire.

It sure is nice to not only reexperience all the places I visited long ago, but to also share them with my wife - who has never lived in New England. It is making me fall in love with this part of the country all over again.

Portsmouth is one adorable quaint town.

We had lunch at the Oar House Dock, which was right on the water.

What a beautiful backdrop, huh?

The Redhook Brewery was just up the street so I tested out their IPA ... I love drinking local! :)

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, while my dad and wife each had the lobster roll. My mom enjoyed the caesar salad and pizza. All of the food was absolutely delicious!! Mmmm pulled pork...

I just couldn't get over how breathtaking it was. It has been so long since I have been able to just relax and take it a nice small town like this ... and I love it!

As we were leaving, we saw this little sign and we obviously HAD to stop in ;)

It definitely lived up to the hype! I had a kiddie cookies & cream, while the wife had raspberry chocolate chip. Both phenomenal...

After loading back into the car, it was time to head home, but first we had to cross over the bridge and experience this amazing view...

Once over the bridge, you actually cross in to Maine! Yes I love New England because you can hit three states in one afternoon. :)

While over the border and so close to Kittery ... we just had to stop by the Coach outlet. I mean it just made sense!! Right?

And there just happened to be an extra 20% off deal going on, sooo ...

Welcome this lovely lady to my family!!

Don't we look great together??

After finishing up our purchases, we got back in the car and headed home. We actually made a pit stop to visit the lovely Ashe family (my younger cousins) and spent a nice hour with them before finally heading back to take care of the pups.

Overall, this was such a relaxing day that I will remember for awhile. It was nice to get out with my parents and wife and explore more of this area. I can't wait to share so much more of this great portion of the country with the wife...

Today, I am truly thankful for where my life has taken me.