Boston Athletic Association 10k - 6/24/12 - 49:28 (7:59 min/mile)

It was funny taking three weeks off in between road races. It was my longest stretch since February/March and I missed the excitement of race day. I think my body was happy with a couple weeks off - instead it got a lot more half marathon training runs and some extra Spin classes with the Sunday crew. :)

But thankfully, it was finally June 24 and time for the BAA 10k - the second of three races making up the BAA Distance Medley.

The few days leading up to the race were H-O-TT HOT! Mid to high 90s, but thankfully it broke before Sunday's race.

All six of us from the Harpoon 5-Miler 6-pack were going to be running this race so it was nice to have so many familiar faces around. :)

We all met by 7:30am and headed over the race. The BAA does races right! They took over the entire Boston Commons so there was plenty of room for everyone to mill around pre-race.

After waiting in the lines for the port-o-potties (and almost missing the start of the race), Kim and I discussed how there should really be a time limit on the time in a port-o-potty pre-race ... since the lines are so long. We were thinking no more than 45 seconds. So as we waited, I started timing people. :P The usual racers were out in about 30 seconds so yes giving everyone 45 seconds seems fair.

Thankfully we made it over to the start in time since there was a wheelchair wave before the runners started.

Kim and I snuck in the 8-9 min/mile pace wave...

The elite runners were off in the first wave of runners - the BAA even gets Boston Marathon winners/participants and Olympians to participate in their 5k, 10k and Half so it's pretty sweet to be around such talented runners!!

It was finally our turn and we were off ... we crossed the Start Line about 4 and a half minutes after the wicked fast people. :)

I hit the Start Line and started bobbing and weaving through the crowd - dodging the baby strollers - as best as possible to get to a stretch where I wasn't tripping over people.

The BAA not only had Mile markers, but also had Kilometer markers - pretty cool. They also had a water station at every mile, which was soooo needed.

The first couple miles were nice and shady through Boston before we hit Commonwealth Ave (the Boston University stretch) and there was the sun. Also, Comm Ave has zero trees. So to say it was a HOT was an understatement. It was brutal.

As I took the right turn on to Comm Ave, the Olympians and Marathoners were already on their way back. It was truly inspiring to see them sprint down the street. Okay, it made me feel bad about myself for a little while as they zoomed past with like 0% body fat, but I tried to get over that. :P

After we crossed the 5k (3.1) mark, we turned around to head back to the Commons.

It was nice to just take in the City as I ran. Seeing so many familiar spots made me fall back in love with Boston.

I hit Mile Four and for the first time ever, I poured the water from the water spot over my head ... and BOY did it feel amazing! :O)

I realized at Mile Six that my Runkeeper was .12 miles ahead of where it shoulda been. Darnit! I was hoping to run just .08 more miles rather than another .2. ;)

I love the final sprint to the finish. The crowds were amazing and really helped push me over the Finish Line.

YES! A new shiny PR!!

My previous PR was from November '11 - 54:30. Yes, that means I cut off OVER five minutes from my time. Hot DAMN!

I was sooo pumped.

To top it off, we got a medal. Yup, you know I love a good race medal.

Afterwards, they had baby pools filled with water bottles, tons of bananas, bagels, power bars and frozen strawberries from Dole. So great.

I couldn't believe how awesome I felt after the race. I was hot - especially since I had on my capris and my Superwoman socks, but I still felt strong.

Thanks to Lululemon, Sparkly Soul, Runkeeper and Racemenu for helping me feel fierce!!

Erin graciously offered for me to shower at her place before the crew got together for Brunch. She even had mimosas! ;)

Once the wife and Adriana came and met us, it was off to brunch. You know I made the group bring their medals to brunch.

After such a horrendous brunch experience at Brownstone after the BAA 5k, we switched up our location and hit up Union Bar and Grilled in the South End. Mmmmm it was delicious!!

I  can't wait to finish up the BAA Distance Medley with the Half Marathon on October 7.


But for now I look to Thursday, June 28's Raggae Ramble 5k. ;)