Livin' A Dream...

Sometimes - okay a lot of the time - I wonder if this life I am living and this body I now call home are all real ... or just a dream! For so much of my life, I thought about what it would be like to be thinner.

I remember telling my aunt during ninth grade how much better my life would be if I just lost 50 pounds. Okay I actually told her my life would be perfect if I just lost the weight. Yes I know NOW that wasn't true!!

But, changing my life to be a dream ... is much more than the number on the scale.

While I will never forget that I have gotten rid of over 60 pounds off my body, I think about how much more has happened in my life through Weight Watchers, especially:

1) Starting this blog ... opening my life, my successes, my struggles and tips/tricks I have learned along the way with all of you has given me so much more than I could've possibly imagined. I never would've thought I would allow myself to be so vulnerable on such a large forum, but it has paid off dividends.

Even being given the honor of Sparkly Soul's Blogger of the Month for June 2012.

2) People actually wanting to interview me ... I would've never imagined that people would want to hear about my journey. I'm just one person who set out to make my life better - to give myself the happiness I searched for for so long.

Some links:

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3) Confident, Outgoing and Proud ... these are three adjectives that I would never have used to describe myself unless I had gone through this journey - and now I can't imagine myself any other way. I like - and am learning to love - the person I am becoming!

4) Running ... do you guys know I like to run? Have I mentioned that before? :) Running has changed my life more than I could've expected. Going from the girl that played specific sports that avoided running to training for a marathon is something I didn't see coming ... but I now welcome it with open arms.

It is exhilarating to see what my body and I are capable of doing with hard work. Seeing the results, the bibs and the medals - keep me going each day.

But, more than the results - I now rely on the feelings that come from running. I feel calmer, strong and fierce when I lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement.

...and finally

5) Comfortable ... I feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I enjoy being able to walk into any clothing store and find something on the rack that I can fit in to.

I don't avoid the mirrors at all costs anymore.

I don't hide from the camera.

I am completely honest with my journey - how far I have come and now how I work to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain my new body.


So to you all, thank you for coming on this journey with me. Living a dream is something so many people strive for and never achieve. Therefore, I am honored and blessed that it finally happened for me...

Even though I would've never thought that at the age of 29, I would be living back in Boston, married, two dogs and a Weight Watchers Leader - I am loving every minute of it!